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I would like to confirm before making a purchase if there is a limitaion to have a Quadro 4000 mac edition from PNY and another nVidia (Apple Suppoted) into a MacPRO 3.1 (Early 2008) ?


Could the secondary card be an ATI, if so could that create conflicts between the two video drivers ?


To my knowledge, this should be fine, but I thought it would worst checking.


Thank you for your time.


Config :

MacPRO 3.1

PNY QUadro 4000 Mac Ed.


Cinema Display 30in

Cintiq 21



Quadro is used for drive 3D and Advance Post Production Softwares

The alternate card would be used to drive the Cinema Display only for Photoshop and Other Image edition tasks.



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    That use is not precluded. Nor is there any benefit to having multiple cards unless you need four displays (there is no crossfire or similar teaming support). There may be limited aux power ports -- I do not know how many are required for the Quadro. The GT120 requires none.


    There are reports in Macs with multiple GT120 cards not behaving well under 10.8.

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    just read Lion is a bum rap on Q4K and OpenCL


    Folks do use say ATI for display and GTX or Quadro for just CUDA


    Today, the GTX 570 w/ 2.5GB is sweet card for $320 from MacVidCards and much better.


    Amazon sells PNY Apple Mac Pro Quadro 4k for about $800 last I looked, shame the Q5K has not seen light of day.

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    Thank you Grant.


    Thank you Hatter. I do have the Quadro installed at this time. No other cards are present at this time.



    The current implementation is running 10.7.5. The motiviation behind the optional/additional card if the DisplayPORT can't push the CinemaDisplay 30 to Max resulution (limited to 1280x800).


    My customer obviouly is adversed to low pixel resolution.




    In addition, Mountain Lion (10.8) not an option due to lack of software support by my customer software toolkit.


    I am considering going with an additional GT120 since less likely to cause hickups on drivers since in-family cards and chip sets.


    Any other suggestions ?

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    GT120 lacks some features and support. Also showing its age and such. The fact that it is buggy when two are present, and that was a "supported configuration" at the time of the EARLY 2009 would say as in some other items, lack of testing was done.


    you need to get the RIGHT dual-link to have 30" on MDP but that is not a big issue, I thought Q4k was still old dual DVI though.


    I've seen folks try to work with two Q4K's


    Shame about ML support for you. Then the GTX 670 would make a nice option also.

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    if the DisplayPORT can't push the CinemaDisplay 30 to Max resulution (limited to 1280x800).

    It CAN run it at 2560 by 1600 when using the Apple ACTIVE Dual-Link DVI adapter, US$100. (third-party ACTIVE Dual-Link adapters only slightly cheaper) You MUST plug in the USB cord provided, since it uses that for power to re-drive the signals.




    another alternative:


    Swap another 1920-or-lower display to the Mini DisplayPort with a Single-Link adapter, and put the big Cinema 30" directly on the Dual-Link DVI.

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    I will need to consult my customer, the end game is to refresh this hardware with the new MacPRO planned this year to top spec gear, I can only hope Apple will get onboard with the times and support the Kelper cards or at least 6000 nVidia Cards with full Win64 equivalency support of nVidia features.


    Hardware Drool Alert :


    Their new Kepler based card:

    http://www.digitalversus.com/graphics-card/nvidia-geforce-gtx-titan-p15386/test. html

    Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan: The Specs

    The Titan uses a GK110 GPU. The GK110 is based on Kepler architecture, just like the GK104 and GK106 that equipped the 600 series, except this one's a little different... Used until now only in pro models (such as the Tesla K20/K20X), on the Titan the GK110 has no fewer than 2,688 CUDA cores, which is 75% more than the GeForce GTX 680  (1,536 cores).



    6000 Family:



    GPU Memory Size6 GB GDDR5
    Memory Interface384-bit
    Memory Bandwidth144 GB/s
    CUDA Parallel Processing Cores448
    ECC (Error Correcting Code)Yes
    High Performance Double PrecisionYes
    Display ConnectorsDVI-DL + DP + DP + Stereo
    Warranty3 Years
    PNY Part #VCQ6000-PB



    Thank you for your time.

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    they are still having to get drivers and software to make better use of the GTX 680's design


    And it  took longer and was harder than "planned" and as  always months after product came out to get everything working and  tested. There may even be a refresh 2nd generation, they did that with the prior GTX lines.


    And I think the delays by Intel as well as Nvidia and of course sagging PC sales world wide all contribute... to a slow down in R&D