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Like the header says. Address book won't save changes to note field. There's another thread with the same header:  https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2591053?threadID=2591053  But it's archived so I had to post this new one.


If I made a change in any non-note field however, it would stay.


Note: the notes field can be edited with actually having to go into official "edit" mode. Does this make it more prone to corruption? Why would Apple make the notes field NOT need that extra step of protection. Do they think my notes aren't as important?  How would they know?


I fixed this one card with a bandaid solution by exporting it and reimporting it.  But I guess I need to do that with all 2,000 of my contacts now. It was mentioned on theother thread that somebody made an address book backup and then deleted every contact in the address book and imported them fresh from the backup and that worked.


The underlyilng issue is still not solved though. How could this happpen in the first place, and how do I know what other contacts haven't held lthe changes I thought I made?

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    Using the Note field

    You can add notes to any contact in Address Book. This makes it easy to keep track of details about a person in your address book.


    Select the person in the Name column in Address Book, then click the Note field in the card.


    The Note field can be edited at any time, even if the card is not in edit mode.

    You could make a dedicated field that requires the edit button...

    Using custom labels

    You can change the label that appears next to a piece of information on a contact's card. For example, you might want to change "work" to "support" next to a phone number.


    Select the contact that you want to change.

    Click the Edit button at the bottom of the window.

    Click the label next to a field, then choose Custom from the pop-up menu.

    Enter a new label for the field.

    The new custom label appears on this contact's card only.


    If you want to change a specific label on all cards in your Address Book, edit the card template. Choose Address Book > Preferences and click Template. The Template pane also allows you to add other types of fields on contact cards, such as a nickname, job title, birthday, anniversary, and URL. Use the Add Field menu.