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What is the better value? what should I purchase?

G5 PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.4)
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    ASK in forum for those for one, google too.




    How can someone know to answer if there is no given use purpose budget whether lite use and ebooks or as a substitute for a laptop? and do you want more than just wifi?

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    Go to your nearest Apple store and hold each of these devices in your hand. The stuff is all laid out on tables so that you can do this. No one is on commission. Play with them until you decide.

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    If you have a G5 PowerMac with 10.4.4 you are kind of in a bind when it comes to the iPad.    The current iPad does not support any operating system that runs on a G5.   You'll see that in this article:



    10.5.8 is the newest operating system a G5 will support.     However, the pre-October 3, 2012 iPads did support 10.5.8.      This you can find if you put the above link through http://www.archive.org/ None supported 10.4.4.    10.5 is hard to come by, but will run on your G5 if you don't mind getting rid of Classic support.   For more on upgrading to the 10.5, see this tip:


    Note the PowerMac G5 is NOT a Mac Pro.   They look similar on the outside, except the Mac Pro has two optical drive flaps on the outside, where the G5 only had one.      If you have a Mac Pro, or other Mac with an Intel CPU, as opposed to G5, you can upgrade to 10.6 and use the latest iPad.   

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    My bad, looking at Wikipedia, the switch in dates was October 23, 2012.

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    This is the Mac Pro forum. If you have an iPad question it should go in the Using iPad forum. I'll ask for it to be moved there.