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I have an iPhone 4S and recently I've noticed the the mic has stopped working properly during calls. I suspect it is related to the recent 6.1.2 iOS update (Note: I also have a 3S and the update did not cause any issues).


I've tested both bottom and top mics on the 4S using video recorder and both mics work fine. Speakerphone and headset during calls also work fine. The issue is only related to the bottom mic while making calls. I can hear the caller but the caller cannot hear me. If I hold the mic very close to my mouth, the caller can hear a very low level signal.


The problem appears to be software related, not hardware.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2
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    Looks like apple is kiding with us. Ive had this problem since Ios 6.1 and now after 3 days I ulgraded to 6.1.2 this ****** issue has returned. Again the other part will listen me if I scream HELLOOo in the first second and then everything works fine or if I wait 1 minute but none can wait that.


    Im really angry with this company always they mess up after each update

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    I'm starting to think its not the update but maybe this is the issue -  http://youtu.be/0jhWxYTVxe4


    The phone has been bumped and dropped a couple of times, but nothing too serious (maybe?)


    How to fix the iPhone 4 (4s) Mic problem

    Uploaded on Feb 25, 2012 

    Is your iPhone 4 not working when you make or receive call? Does it the mic still work in other apps? Have you recently dropped it? Even if you haven't try this out. Super easy to do.


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    I have already done this procedure but didnt work!

    Is your mic always mute in the calls or does It start to work when you approach mouth or scream? Because mine if the caller doesnt hear me if I begin to scream high It turns back to work. The fact is this problem was solved with 6.1.1 but seems It is returning. I have searched for other people who is facing it and seems It not just us.


    Will wait the next update If doesnt solve will think if I will still stick with device or not.

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    Hi friend,


    Did you try reset your device? Press and hold Home/Sleep buttons until restart your device.


    If the issue persists, reset factory settings. But first remember to backup your device before reseting


    Hope it helps