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   My name is David C. Stevens. Approximately, over four years ago (or longer), I purchased Quicktime Pro for Windows. I kept it on a USB stick and a USB external HDD. Unfortunately, we had a power outage and it damaged my USB External HDD, and my USB stick (flash drive). I contacted the vendors of the HDD (Western Digital), and the USB stick (Corsair). Western Digital told me that my USB external HDD was out of warantee and told me if I wanted to retrieve the data, take it to a data recovery specialist. Unfortunately they cost to much. Then Corsair, maker of the USB stick flash drive, told me that they are unable to recover the data, but they replace my flash drive with a new one.


Since my purchase was over four years ago (which I purchase directly from Apple On Line), they should be able to somehow locate my license key for Quicktime Pro. Currently, I am unable to afford to purchase a new license key due to my unemployment status. Can anyone suggest how I can get my license key for Quicktime Pro back from Apple? I would appreciate it very much for your time and effort to answer my question regarding Quicktime Pro for Windows.

Thank You.