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I have one main computer that I have the majority of my music on. I've purchased it mainly from itunes. But I also have thousands of songs that were loaded from my own CD's. A good portion of my itunes was purchased pre 2009. I've also got some on a laptop that I was using when my computer was out of commission. I've now got the computer up and running. What I am trying to accomplish is moving them all to the main computer now. I was looking into subscribing to imatch to get them all downloaded to it. Am I going to run into problems doing this? I want it all in once place so I can sync both of my ipods to it. And does it matter which computer I initiate the imatch on?

Windows XP, Dell
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It does not matter which computer you set up first as you can authorise both machines to play your music.


Once you have set up on one machine, the music will be available in cloud on second and available to download.


As you have a lot of pre 2009 music which will have DRM, most of your music can be upgrade to 256 Kbps purchased AAC - some wil not.



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