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I am presently using Mountain Lion with the most recent version of iWeb.  When I try to upload a .mov video file, the only thing that appears on my website is the Quicktime "Q" with a question mark over it - that is, if anything appears at all.  Previous videos on my site still run, but now they only run for a few seconds then stop.  I always have to keep hitting the "play" button.  If I set them to run automatically, they don't run.


What can I do to correct this?


I should also mention that the .mov file was converted from a WMV file, if that makes any difference, and optimized for the web.  The minute & a half movie is only 27.4MB.


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Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    A quick reply would be most helpful.  Thank you.

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    If you want help with the iWeb method of playing video, you would need to publish the URL to the problem page.


    This way of playing movies is very outdated and requires the visitor to have the plugin installed in their browser. Many windows user don't.


    The video file format should ideally be an MP4 and the video format H.264 optimized for streaming so that the movie will start to play before it is fully downloaded in the browser.


    Autoplay should never be used and its far better to load a poster image and prevent the movie from playing until the visitor selects it. Otherwise the page download time will be effected and the movie will stutter and stop as appears to be happening in your case.


    If you want to depend on the QuickTime plugin you should consider using a code like those shown on this page...



    The second method is better if you think some visitors may be using mobile devices.


    Nowadays its more usual to employ HTML5 playback with flash fallback for outdated browsers. VideoJS is probably the easiest solution when you only have one video per page...



    A poster image loads with the web page and the movie file is prevented from loading by setting preload="none" in the video tag.


    Using this method you can get away with uploading only an MP4 (rather than mp4, ogg and WebM) since the player will fallback to flash for Firefox and older versions of IE.


    Flowplayer is a better bet when you have more than one movie per page since it can be set to stop one movie when another is selected...


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    Roddy, with all due respect, your answer seems to be a stock answer that I've seen on other replies.  I've seen those URLs posted in a few places.  I've looked at the sites and I must say it's all Greek to me.  I know my way around the Mac system, but I'm certainly no expert.  I'm a user with only moderate knowledge.


    I've never had to use code in iWeb.  I've never had a problem until I upgraded to Mountain Lion.  All I've ever done was drop the video file onto the page I'm editing in iWeb and it just worked.  That's the whole point of a WYSIWYG app.


    After doing some research, I believe the issue may have to do with GoDaddy.  They seem to limit the amount of bandwidth for videos.


    I welcome your comments.

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    Its a "stock" answer because its a common problem for those who assume they can just upload any old movie and it will play. If you upload the movie in the way that you have, the whole web page and the movie file have to download before it will play. This can take a long, long time.


    You need to remember that iWeb is now redundant. Other drag and drop style apps have moved on to using HTML5 with flash fallback. It is possible to create a website without using any code but the features are going to be limited.


    Without seeing your web page I can't comment on the problem but I doubt if its a bandwidth issue. Bandwidth is only a factor if you have hundreds or thousands of visitors accessing your site at once.


    There's a couple of reasons why you get the QT symbol but I can't even guess without seeing your page.


    .mov is not used much nowadays since the file size is large compared with a compressed format like MP4. You also need to prep your file properly for internet streaming.

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    Prior to upgrading to Mountain Lion, I've always been able to upload "any old movie" without a hassle and the web page never took "a long, long time".  Granted, the original movie I uploaded (a .mov file) is on the "Movie" page and people typically don't go to that page right away, giving the video time to load.  Now, it stops loading after it is a third of the way through.


    Can you suggest an alternative app for web design that uses HTML5 with flash fallback and will accept the iWeb pages already created?


    The video on the Home page, however, won't show at all.  As I mentioned, all you see is the Q with a question mark.  I took your advice and uploaded a .MP4 file this time with the same results.


    As I mentioned, I am not an expert.  I misspoke when I said "bandwidth".  What I meant was GoDaddy's maximum online storage.  Perhaps I have to have that increased.  First I have to determine how large it is.  2GB is the minimum.  Perhaps I have too many files on the server.


    Here is the URL for my wife's website:


    By the way, the video on the Video Page finally did completely load, but it was stuck for a while after getting a third of the way through.

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    It could be a server problem as it works on mine...



    The only difference is that I took the spaces out the file name like so...



    ... which you should do.


    Note how on your web page the loading progress bar doesn't move but on mine it loads fairly fast.

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    Aha!!  Of course, the spaces!  Somewhere in the back of my mind I do recall reading about having no spaces in the filename.  I will make that change to both videos...


    Well, I changed the filenames and eliminated the spaces.  After uploading both videos, neither of them work now.  I tried them as .mov, .m4v & .mp4.  I viewed the website through both Safari & Firefox.  Firefox doesn't even acknowledge that there is a video on either page.


    I am at a loss.


    Again, I'd like to ask if you can suggest an alternative app for web design that uses HTML5 with flash fallback and will accept the iWeb pages already created (and won't cost an arm and a leg)?

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    The movie file should be here and isn't...



    There aren't any apps that can import your iWeb created site. You would need to rebuild it by copying and pasting the content from the original.


    There's a new app being developed right now which works like iWeb but has a lot more features...


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    The URL for the webite page to show the video is


    I will look into EasyWeb.  Thanks for the info.  The site owner is anxious to make some changes.  Maybe this will be a good time to switch over.

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    Be warned though, that EasyWeb is only at the beta testing stage at the moment and is not likely to be launched and available for at least another month.  Don't know whether you are prepared to wait that long?


    Also be advised, that when it does become publicly available, you will have to purchase hosting from Rage to be able to get the app.  If you already have hosting, then it might not be worth it and you should start looking at other alternatives now.


    If you don't mind about the hosting, then this will not be a problem.

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    Yes, I went to their website and learned that it's just in beta, but I couldn't find where or how to download it.  I don't think it's fair that I have to purchase hosting from them in order to get the app.  One should have nothing to do with the other.  I'm just saying...


    I already have hosting through GoDaddy.


    I'll check out the Mac App Store to see if there is anything on there, or I'll spend some time on Google.  Thanks for your help.

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    Well, that is the whole point about the beta version - it is a testing version so you won't be able to download it and the only testers of the software are those that have been invited to test it by Rage.  As I stated in my previous post, it won't be available publicly for at least another month or so and then it will be tied to Rage hosting and from other reports that I have heard, is likely to cost $99 a year.


    Yes, I totally agree that the app should have nothing to do with the hosting, but that is their decision and I think by linking this app to hosting, they are trying to make it like iWeb and MobileMe, so that you are tied to the hosting account and there are some things in EasyWeb that will only work with hosting, just like the blog comments on iWeb would only work with MobileMe etc.


    Have a look at other alternatives such as RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Freeway Express 6, Flux 4 and Quick n' Easy Website Builder and WebAcappella.  These are all good alternatives and you can downlload free trials of most, so you can try before you buy.


    A few are available in the Mac App Store.

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    By giving you the URL to the video file in the Media folder I am trying to point out that the file is not there or has the wrong URL which is why the movie won't play on the actual "Video" page of your site.


    With regard to the rather uninformed comments about EasWeb in this forum, you need to remember that the majority of iWeb users were quite happy to fork out a 100 bucks for a MobileMe subscription to get the convenience and simplicity of one click publishing and the extra features that were made possible by tied hosting.


    The average iWeb user doesn't appear to want to apply any extra effort to create website features such as contact forms, dropdown menus and media players that actually work satisfactorily. By using tied hosting for the necessary assets and scripts, these features, and many others, become possible with a few mouse clicks and a little dragging around.


    Even fairly experienced iWeb users seem to resort to using services like Wufoo for their forms, Wow for slideshows and YouTube for movies. These require the use of assets on other servers and I don't hear people complaining about having to host their form scripts and data on "tied" hosting or their movies on YouTube!

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    Thanks so much for the number of alternative apps for me to look into.  I can understand Rage's way of thinking even though I still don't agree with it.

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