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I need to restore several folders with lots of files within. When entering TM, I see the files and folders. Selecting on one or several folders and clicking restore, copies only the first and empty folder over. I can repeat this by going back to TM, this time selecting all the files within the folder and click restore. I get asked for my password and all files are succesfully restored. However, there are many folders with many files and I think TM should be copying folders and there contents. The same happens if I manually try to do a copy and paste via the finder.


Background to this: I had my harddrive replaced on my iMac. During set-up, I restored all my contents from the timemachine backup. No problems here. I had one folder, which I had deleted before the last backup from which I restored the iMac, so went back in time to recover it. Then run into problem above.


Folders and files have rwx permission. I have searched through all the discussions, but not found an answer to this.

Thanks for help.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Additional information:

    When trying to restore the folder and files to a different destination, I get the error code 36, items can't be read or written.

    Checking permissions: the folders in TM have drwxrwxrsx. User is correct = me, group is staff (unknown to me and not in my accounts). So it seems a permission problem. Only thing is strange, that I can restore the files one by one.


    Have also checked pondini's troubleshooting tips, still not sure as all files. Should I reset the group on the backup disk? or my own iMac. Seems a bit too risky for me.