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Hi,ive been searching for ev. problem and solution for months now and still got nothing so im turning over here...


I bought for few years ago a BT mouse Ace T28 which worked very well under OS X 10.5 / 10.6,

now for a while i only used the touchpad on MBP ( mid2010) and since then ive updated OSX as new versions came out.

Now for about a year ago when i wanted to use T28 mouse again, suddenly my MBP can not detect the mouse anymore.


In finding new devices it doesnt popup, Ive also tested with 3rd BT receiver (which i use for a trust keyboard) and that doesnt seem to find it either.


I know the mouse works since i use it from time to time with my ps3...


Ive tested so far pretty much every solution i could find here on the forums, reseting SMC (or what it was called), ive tried to delete the plist... well pretty much everything that i found connected to Bluetooth.... still no success.


Is there anything else i could do ? It annoys me that the mouse worked well before but after some OSX update it can not even be found while other devices find it within seconds :/

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)