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Hello Partners!


I have the following mashine:

(sorry for Russian, but i see - it is the clear information)



Название модели:          Mac Pro

  Идентификатор модели:          MacPro3,1

  Имя процессора:          Quad-Core Intel Xeon

  Скорость процессора:          2.8 ГГц

  Количество процессоров:          2

  Общее количество ядер:          8

  Кэш 2-го уровня (в каждом процессоре):          12 МБ

  Память:          10 ГБ

  Частота шины:          1.6 ГГц

  Версия Boot ROM:          MP31.006C.B05

  Версия SMC (система):          1.25f4

  Серийный номер (система):          CK******1Z9

  UUID аппаратного обеспечения:         ****


When begin the installation on Snow Leopard 10.6.4 -

i have the message - that Can not install to this computer -

and the installation has been interrupted...


Could you tell - Why?


Thanks in advance,

Alecey Batin, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


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Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    10.6.3 was last retail DVD

    OEM copy?

    does it have ATI 5770? requires 10.6.5

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    No, the copy from my friend heer, the Grey disk which was
    within the other comp.

    As i see from forum - the problem with the installation is in that reason -
    Grey (not legal) disk.


    Of course, i wished to try only befor do something the same - to ask my friends
    in US for instance to buy SNow Lion and to send me...


    Ye. I do not understand - why it is so narrow-minded, the problem maden from the Zero...


    Ok, thanks for supporting here. ALex.

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    The grey disk is machine-specific, it will only work with a machine identical to the one it shipped with.

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    Yes, Thank you...


    But what can i do ?


    Apple and Amazon as i see - i tried - they do not send Snow Leopard (US29 and US 36) - to my Russian address....




    I shall go the Cupertino USA ...



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    When you said Apple will not ship to Russia, did you try to purchase from this location:


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    Ralph, sure, this page...


    If you make the first step and CHeck Out,
    at the second Step - page you will see that
    Country may be just only US.


    In other coutries (most of) there are local AppStores,
    but we (Russia) have no, the same for instance - Birma, etc ..


    At the Amazon i can make the order up to last step, but then the message appeares -
    We have not ship to your contry-address...


    Ok, i resolved problem - asked my friend in Chickago to buy and send me...
    We were lauphing the both ...


    Sorry for my English here... Regards.


    I have to tell here, guys, that we (Russians, not Kremlin-people, but the real Russian people) -
    not so bad that we have no the simple possibiity to buy the best soft products we love ...


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    I am glad you worked out a solution...in the other post you had yesterday that was one of the solutions I suggested, have a friend buy it and mail/ship it to you...there is always a way to beat the system


    The couple across the street from me are Russian, well from the Ukraine actually...terrific people and great neighbors.



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    glad to hear that guys near you - nice people and you have the kind-neighbors relations,
    i think it is more then usual for "russians" (not important - Ukrain etc..) ...


    I am sure that "System-s" - are one way, people - parallel way evertimes -
    and they do not across ...


    Was nice to speak here with you and other guys. Really!


    O, do not know how it will be seen from US (what about Rusiian-English interface) -
    but if you wish - you can see many good picturse (albums from foot-trips in Nature, Russia and other place)
    an my page mentioned in Profile here.


    Thanks for messages, may be not the last - life not so short ...