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I had to reinstall Mac OSX Lion after I lost some data. Now I miss some minor functions like right mouse click. I guess it has to do something with the system library. How can I correct that?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,466 points)

    System Preferences > Mouse

    System Preferences > Trackpad


    These are just settings you can change yourself. They are not an indication of problems with Library.

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    I tried to do that, but it doesn't have effect to change the system preferences of the mouse. Anyone?

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    Ah. You did not say that you had already tried that.


    When the changes do not stick, this may be because permissions make the property list file unavailable to be re-written with the new information.


    There are two Library folders:


    The first contains the system-wide preferences set by the original Administrator. Its permissions can be reset by using Disk Utility ( Repair Permissions ). [it is always prudent to perform a Disk Utility ( Repair Disk ) first. If not available, a ( Verify Disk ) will suffice as long as no repairs are needed.]


    The second is your personal Library, which is located at /Users/your_user_name/Library but is often invisible by default. You can use the Finder's GO menu, choose Go To Folder, and enter:  ~/Library/Preferences 



    The file that appears to hold these preferences is :




    Opening that file may damage it. But you can GetInfo on the file and be sure that under Sharing&Permissions, Owner is your_user_name, and that Group:staff has permissions Read&Write