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For some reason I seem to be unable to update the recommended software using the automatic Update Software Installer.


The installer works fine to show all recommeneded software, I then tick which software I want to install, and then click on "Install and Restart".


After that the system then logs me out (instead of re-starting), which then shows me the standard "Log-in" box, and three buttons underneath, Sleep, Restart and Shutdown.


If I click on either Restart/Shutdown, the system just starts back up and forgets about installing the software... if I start up Software Update Installer again, it will just show again all the same recommended software to install.


How can I fix this problem? So that I can update my software.


(Truth is: I haven't updated for a while, so there is quite a few items to install).


Any help would be much appreciated !



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)