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I have a lot of old videos of my students located on Disk Utility.


I need to free up memory, so am wondering if I can move these videos to an external hard drive.


From time to time, I need to access these old videos, either to show to a new choreographer or to pull out  a clip for a grant proposal, so I don't want to totally lose access to them.


Thanks so very much!!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), also have iMovie and iDVD
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    Located on Disk Utility??? Please explain. Maybe a screenshot, Shift-Cmd-4, then use the camera icon above to post.

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    Yes, on Disk Utility.

    When I have a DVD of a school performance, and I want to burn another copy, the only way I know to do this is to insert the original and it goes to Disk Utility.  Once I copy it there, then I can burn additional copies.  This happens when someone else has made the DVD (a parent of a student or another teacher) and gives me a copy, then, if I need to burn copies to give to the students, I have to do that with Disk Utility.


    So, am I able to move these to an external hard drive, and still be able to access, if someone wants a copy at a later date, or if I need to make a clip for a grant?

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    What's the file extension of the DVD in question located in Disk Utility? That's why I was asking for a screenshot. Is that .cdr? Can you do a File>Save As? If it's .cdr can you try dragging it to the external. Doesn't have to go to Disk Utility. Can just be to a folder there. As you drag it does it show with a + inside a green circle? That will mean it's copying it, but leaving the original in place. If it can be moved successfully, you can then remove the original from Disk Utility.


    Or just copy (drag) it to your Desktop, then move it over to a folder on the external.


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    FYI, you shouldn't be storing all those in Disk Utility. Make a folder for them on your Desktop, move them in there and then copy that folder to the external. When done, you can delete the newly created folder on the Desktop. But think about what's going to backup the data you have on the external, in case that experiences problems? Drives can fail out of the blue.

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    So if saving to an external hard drive isn't fool-proof, what's the answer to backing this up?

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    The only thing that's "foolproof" (relatively speaking) is a backup of the external, and that's not completely foolproof either. Some people even have externals which they regularly move to some off site location in case of some disaster, such as a fire in their home. I don't go that far, but I have three redundant external backups. The point is, if you move things out from the internal to an external, that will be their only location, unless that external is backed up up too.


    You could back up to DVDs, but that will be very tedious.

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    I have an older iMac....could I move video footage, using a flashdrive, to store on that?

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    A flash drive, even for temporary transporation, won't hold very much. You could connect the two together in Firewire Target Disk Mode, with the target as the older Mac and the source as the newer one. This will effectively turn the newer one into an external drive. Then you could just move things over, I suppose. But unless that Mac is backed up, you're into the same problem.