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    Imp68 wrote:


    You conveniently left off part of my quote.  "Just to boil it down to the basics..."  I wasn't being literal.


    I wasn't posting for an expert's benefit.  I was trying to help someone new to the idea understand.


    Lets not be so unnecessarily nitpicky to make ourselves look smart.

    I didn't find your comment useful and only try to post literal stuff. To leave new users the impression that the normally hidden 650 MB Recovery HD contains what used to be provided on the install DVD, now in excess of 4.5 GB, isn't being helpful. Additionally, not mentioning that one needs to be tied to the Internet to reinstall is also misleading.

  • baltwo Level 9 Level 9 (61,945 points)

    Thanks for the details. For those who didn't get the manual installed, peruse Apple's Manuals site for yours.

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    Wow. I mean, really. This is all amazingly helpful. At the same time, it further annoys me that all this information, for me, has to be gotten this way. Again, I am way grateful, so what I have to say now is likely to bore or be dismissed, but a guy's got to say what he's got to say.

    You know all those "...for dummies" books that are out there, well I used to laugh at most because for years I felt Macs were relatively straight forward and user friendly, compared to some of the other OS's which tended to presume the user did not need bother his or her silly head about what's behind the curtain (kind of a wizard of oz metaphor). I always wanted to know what was behind the curtain and could always satisfy this need with reasonable time and effort. When I was still working as a curriculum designer and trainer, I almost always worked within a team. Just about all my compatriots were windose pc users and so it was always incumbant upon me to do the converting of documents that went back and forth. And whenever I introduced something innovative, cool, etc., they would ask me how they could do the same; and so I'd try to see if they had either comparable software or if their OS could handle something comparable. I would right away feel like what I was looking for was behind that curtain. To make a too long story short-er, I never till now felt that way with Macs.

    Consider this from a novices mindset, which some of you already did, and how there are all these unknowns now, with variations on how to access and use things.

    I am following up with the very good suggestions: book on Mt Lion; Manuals site; the assistant link, etc.

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    It's not relevant for you to find it useful.


    I clearly said Kappy was exactly right, who did mention the network requirement.


    I clearly said my post was only to simplify.


    Your selective reading of my post is puzzling.

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    baltwo wrote:

    For those who didn't get the manual installed, peruse Apple's Manuals site for yours.

    If you have a 2012 model iMac or Mac Mini, don't bother looking for an online manual -- all Apple offers for them is the same "Quick Start" pamphlet that comes in the box.


    Instead, try the extensive built-in help system or the support web site. It isn't perfect but it is all Apple offers.

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    This is not working.

    I shut down. I hold power button on back and wait for chime. I hold down command and R keys...but all that happens is I get the grey Apple,,,forever, if I let go the keys it just takes me to my sign in.


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    Wait until the chime *ends* and then immediately hold down CMD +R.





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