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I have been finding this intermittent problem typing a reply to an email in Mail.  When I mistype a word, auto correct fixes it, but then deletes the space before hte word and joins it up to the previous word, so I keep having to go back and add a space.  Here is a link to a screen grab video that shows exactly what happens:  http://youtu.be/RvknuXh-OAc


Here are some particulars about when it happens.


  • Only when typing a reply to an email and while typing in the body of the senders email message.  Typing above, in the normal reply area, no problem.  That is, when you give notes and say, "see below" and then type answers to their questions in their message area.
  • Not every email exhibits this problem, but many do.
  • I forwarded this email to other people and the problem sticks to the email.  Opened it on other computers and also on Outlook on a Mac and the problem persists, but only in that email.  It's as if the problem is part of the email message itself.
  • As above, not specific to any one computer, so not to do with the user or plug ins or whatever.
  • Never have this problem in Outlook (which I used to use).  Only Mail.
  • If I were to type slowly so that the auto correct balloon had time to appear, it does not delete the space.  Of course, I don't type slowly so that is not a fix.
  • It appears that it is related to the way the auto-correct works, but only in the body of the reply, not in a reply above or an original email.  If I turn auto-correct off, it does not do this.


So this is a big mystery to me and really annoying when I am replying to an email and trying to type quickly.  Very strange.  Hope someone has an idea what it could be.




P.S.  Had to post the video on Youtube because the Insert Video button here is greyed out.  Not sure why.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion