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Photostream has simply shut down.

Everything is enabled on both the iMac and iPad.

iCloud is set up correctly, the cloud sync iMac>iPad is working for everything except Photostream.

I load folders into iPhoto (11, v.9.4.2) , they show up, everything else is working fine... but photostream has no photos in either the desktop or the iPad.

Any suggestions?


iPad 2, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Log out of iCloud in the System/iCloud preference pane and disable Photo Stream in iPhoto's Photo Share preference pane.  Then log back in and re-enable, respectively. That should jump start Photo Stream.



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    OT, didn't work. Still no sign of any images in Photostream. Any others suggestions?


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    On the iPad to to the Camera Roll (that's what it's called on the iPhone) select the photo you want in the Photo Stream in the Camera Roll and and click on the lower left icon


    and then click on the Photo Stream button in the next window:



    That will manually put the photos in the PS and get them into your iPhoto library.  But be sure to set iPhoto's PS preferences to this:



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    OT, I guess I didn't wait long enough. Although your "jump start" idea didn't seem to work, sometime over night it decided to straighten itself out and lo and behold, this morning it's working. Thanks,


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    Hi Group....as if the prior iCloud Control Panel was not problematic enough downloading pics from iPhone and iPad to a Windows 7 PC,  I installed the new version today....and it will not download pics, not let me sign out, nor will options open to choose Photo Stream or Photo Sharing...the screen says iCloud Photos is not enabled...Before I loaded the new Panel, my photos had stopped downloading again.  Several Apple Level 2 techs don't know what to make of it.  Ideas about how to sign out of the panel (it just goes pale and the little circle keeps going around)...even when shut off from the task manager, it will not be signed out....ideas about how to get it to work?  Anyone else have these problems???  Thanks! Tobi