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I'm currently having a frustrating issue with the iMac's in my house.  I have a 27" iMac downstairs in my studio and a 21" iMac upstairs in my living room.  There were a couple of keys missing on the wireless keyboard I had downstairs and nothing was missing on the upstairs keyboard so I decided to swap the keyboards since I use the keys that were missing more frequently downstairs.  I unpaired them from each computer's bluetooth and then manually set them up separately in hopes that it wouldn't cause some confusion.  Now, about every hour and a half or so, I get a pairing request from the keyboard upstairs on my downstairs iMac.  My upstairs iMac gets nothing from the downstairs.  It's ONLY wanting to pair my 27" iMac with the keyboard upstairs.  At the same time, the keyboard I currently have paired with the downstairs iMac is still working just fine.\


I have a feeling that I'm not explaining this very well....



27" iMac (downstairs) ––– Keyboard A (with missing keys)

21" iMac (upstairs) –––– Keyboard B (no missing keys)



27" iMac (downstairs) ––– Keyboard B (no missing keys)

21" iMac (upstairs) –––– Keyboard A (with missing keys)



27" iMac (downstairs) ––– Keyboard B (no missing keys)

          ––– Bluetooth wants to pair Keyboard A with this computer as well.

21" iMac (upstairs) –––– Keyboard A (with missing keys)

          ––– Nothing has changed.


Advice, please! 



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 27" Workstation.