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If the music in my library is not available to my iPod (e.g. my server with my music is offline) and I put it in my computer to recharge ITunes deletes the contents of my iPod. Why? And why am I not notified of this?

When the iPod have recharged I can click on my iPod inside ITunes, and I can see all the music is on there, but when I disconnect it from my computer and press play the iPod says it's empty.

iPod Shuffle, Windows XP Pro
  • pac_80 Level 6 (10,100 points)
    Have you tried updating the iPod with the iPod updater and restoring it? http://www.apple.com/ipod/download/
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    As far as i know, the music will stay on the ipod as long as you can find it in itunes. If you delete music from itunes, it also gets deleted from the ipod. if you delete music from your harddrive, but not from itunes, it shouldn't be removed. If you have deleted music from itunes, and you are missing it, it is possible to find this using for instance yamipod's function to search for deleted files. Might work, i haven't tried.
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    If you music is not always available, you need to turn off Automatic Updating.
    Go to iTunes prefs -> iPod, and select Manually update songs and playlists.
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    Chris; I think you're on to something. I will try it out when I come home, and let you all know.
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    There was no option to manually update the content of the iPod. There is an option that says only update songs I've checked, and all songs are checked by default.

    I actually tried adding songs to my iPod from the library where the songs weren't checked, and ITunes said they where on the iPod, but when I disconnect and tried to play it, there's nothing on there.

    So instead I found the option to open ITunes when the iPod is detected, and if I disable this option, ITunes doesn't delete the content of my iPod.

    But if I manually start ITunes my songs will be erased.

    Apparently the update/sync function believes that when the songs are not available in the library (e.g. due to network issues) the content of the iPod is incorrect and the iPod is updated with the "newest" content, which is nothing!

    In my oppinion it's poor thought-out for a piece software that has reached version 6 and above.
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    I missed you are using a Shuffle.

    The Shuffle is meant to be extremely simple to use and leaves out all the bells and whistles.

    In iPod prefs, turn off Autofill.

    To transfer songs manually to iPod shuffle:
    Connect iPod shuffle and drag songs to iPod shuffle in the Source list.

    To delete songs manually from iPod shuffle:
    1 - Connect iPod shuffle and select it in the Source list.
    2 - Select a song and press the Delete key on your keyboard
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    Thanks for the post and help.

    I don't have autofill on but the issue is still there. Anyways - it doesn't really matter anymore.

    I've just disabled ITunes from starting, that works for me.
    Perhaps some open-source programmer, like the maker of yamipod, might do a better job on the software that apple some day