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    nsnowingif they are charging 1500+ for product that I buy and don't guarantee that it will work out of the box...I think there is a problem

    You're absolutely right. Although it comes down to what you're going to do with your computer makes all of the difference. I have an iBook G3 with 256MB RAM running Mac OS X 10.4 and it works perfectly well for what I use it for. I need no more RAM than this. Now, If I wanted to do more that then means I need rto buy more RAM then that's my responsibility, not Apple's.

    I don't blame Renault for my Clio running out of gas. I bought it new with two drops in it, enough to get me to the nearest service station. if I wanted to go further and it stopped would it be their fault?
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    But this is not the same iBook didn't have a graphics card that shares the memory with the CPU. I've run as little as iChat, Safari, and iCal and have gotten this...

    I think that constitutes normal consumer use. If the graphics card system isn't a working and viable option with this amount of ram then something should be changed.
  • infinite vortex Level 7 Level 7 (21,400 points)
    nsnowingBut this is not the same iBook didn't have a graphics card that shares the memory with the CPU

    Ture, but if you add the 80MB that the GMA950 grabs to the 256MB that I have then that's still well below the 512MB that comes as standard.

    I've run as little as iChat, Safari, and iCal and have gotten this

    OK… have you considered that there's something else at play other than a direct lack of RAM. For instance, have you installed and system additions that requires Rosetta.

    I think that constitutes normal consumer use

    Sure it does and even with the integrated graphics 512MB should be enough.

    Yes I do agree that 512MB is on the low side of things although if one sticks with Universal binaries this should still be enough for most poeple… even with GMA950. What one does need to be careful with is how they manage their systems in general. You just can't add additions, run Dashboard widgets etc with impunity like you can with more RAM. By the way, the only addition that been added to my iBook system is MenuMeters. Beyond that it's a plain vanilla system.

    I'm not saying this is the case for you but you do need to consider that the problem may not be simply a straight lack of RAM.
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    And you still don't suspect something like Virtue? Did you test/use your computer for a while before adding things that change system behavior such as Virtue?
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    This is one of the MAJOR issues that I have with the MacBook right now. I've been battleing with it so much I've come to the Apple Support site looking for answers. It seems that its related to the driver and not the card itself.

    The problem occurs when I put the MacBook to sleep (by either it doing so on its own or closing the lid).

    So, suggestions?

    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   13.3" Black, 80gb/512/DVDRW
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    Yes - take the battery out, and remove the plate covering the memory chips. Pop them out using the levers, and re-insert them, pressing hard. This will check that they are seated properly.

    Next, take them out and put in a pair of 1GB chips or a pair of 512MB chips - not only will this probably cure the problem, the speed difference is like having a completely different machine.

    I had multiple, severe symptoms in the first day of use - hard crashes, the lot. I upgraded to 2GB and in several full days of usage I have not had a single problem ! I cannot stress enough that you need more than 512MB of RAM in the MacBook. 512MB is like buying a Porsche and then sticking budget tyres on it !! Spend the (relatively) little extra amount of money to get some 3rd party RAM.
  • pinkeye Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I purchased 2Gbs this past week, and it should be delivered sometime on Tuesday. I'm expecting that this little (if you can consider it) change to help, but not FIX the problem. 512mbs of a laptop, stock, from Apple is bull$hit and STILL have this problem.
  • Andrew Rennard Level 1 Level 1 (105 points)
    Almost a year later, and this problem has never re-occurred.

    Well, the original Macbook dies kind of self-destruct in flames, but the replacement has never had a problem either
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