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dumaguete Level 1 Level 1

I have an early 2007 Macbook and it randomly will shut down and after 15-20 minutes it will boot up.

It will never reboot successfully, after a wait of 15-20 minutes sometimes it will boot up, somtimes I

have to wait overnight for it to boot up.


The power adapter does charge the battery, The battery does boot the laptop but with the same random shut downs as

it does when using the power cord.


The times when it does boot up everything works fine. Sometimes it will stay on overnight, sometimes not.

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 Level 6

    I suspect your Mac is overheating to the point that it shuts itself down. I would install a temp/fan monitor like iStatPro http://istat-pro.en.softonic.com/mac Take a look at what your temps and fan speeds are.

  • dumaguete Level 1 Level 1

    Yes it does sound like overheating except sometimes it will boot up and stay

    on all day. Now it will not boot up at all.

    The power adapter lights up

    The battery lights are good

  • dumaguete Level 1 Level 1

    One added note:

    The light next to the camera should flicker (in a dark room) when there is power

    and the power button is pressed. Yes the light does flicker.

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 Level 6

    I've owned a MacBook since 2007 and have never seen the camera light flicker, but that doesn't meant doesn't. You can try resetting the SMC


    Shut down the computer.

    Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from the computer, if it's connected.

    Remove the battery.

    Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

    Release the power button.

    Reconnect the battery and MagSafe power adapter.

    Press the power button to turn on the computer.


    It's sounding more and more to me thatyou're got a hardware failure, but I wouldn't want to just guess what it is. The computer may need to be taken in to determine exactly what it is.

  • dumaguete Level 1 Level 1

    OK I removed the battery and power cord and held the power button

    down for 5 seconds and it started and so far is staying on.

    I'll just leave it on.

  • Mike Sombrio Level 6 Level 6

    Remember that we suspected overheating. Download IStatPro or some other application that will allow you to monitor your temps and fan speeds.