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hi,  i have many, many questions.  if you could answer at least a couple and let someone else answer others, i would be so grateful!  thank you!


i'd like to get an ipad 2.  i'm very crippled, disabled, and desperately in need of a *good* tablet.  since i am very very poor, it will be nearly impossible for me to do this.  first of all, is there any way for someone like me to obtain a new ipad;  a contest, a charity, anything like that?  i hate to ask, but i'm nearly quadriplegic and will be completely at some point.  i've tried some cheap tablet pcs and they were all horrible and returned.  i cannot afford the $329 for the cheapest ipad 2, so i surely cannot afford one w/ more storage.  i need to know if ipads are equipped w/ removable storage, such as a micro or standard SD card.  are they?  i would have to get the cheapest ipad 2 which i believe has 16gb of storage.  i'd want to be able to store onto an SD (or other) media or i will eventually fill up the space. 


i do see that it has bluetooth.  can i transfer apple files to a pc via bluetooth?  is that possible since my old, old, defunct, barely functional pc is running win7?  any pc i'd transfer to would be MS windows.  i will always save in a windows compatible format.  i just do not know if i can transfer files from apple to pc, as well as if i can transfer via bluetooth from apple to pc?


i'm concerned about having to pay for apps.  i live way below the poverty line and have no friends or family to assist w/ anything - not that i would dare ask!  i'm on my own and this would be a once in a lifetime purchase that would have to last me "forever".  i heard an ipad user say something about the first gen ipad becoming "obsolete" and that you cannot upgrade an ipad;  you have to buy a new one.  is that correct?  if i could get an ipad 2 (i'd *love* the retina display but cannot afford it - so just the standard ipad 2), will it be useless at some point - a few years from now? 


are there many *free* apps?  such as, can i install a Netflix app to watch on the tablet for free?  or listen to a free radio app?  or is there a cost for *every* app?  forgive me, i have limited use of my neck and cannot hold my head up or use my arms much, so this post is all i can do.  i cannot go searching through available apps. 


bc of my physical disabilities, i am desperately in need of something extremely lightweight that will last me a very long time.  in addition to the cost of apps, are there any other operating costs, other than my internet service, for which i need to be aware of before diving into All Things Apple?


if there are any charities or foundations that assist people, disabled or not, in obtaining an ipad 2, please give me link(s) and/or info.  due to my disablities and financial situation, a very good tablet is my only option.  i cannot sit up vertically at all sometimes, or if i can, for only a limited time.  i cannot turn my head to view a monitor.  ergo, i need something that can be used in a very reclined position.  that rules out everything but tablets. 


i *think* that SIRI would be a good way to do things via voice recognition.  i'm not sure of "her" capabilities, however.  is there voice recognition accessibility built into iOS?  i cannot always use my arms, so i need to be able to speak to do communications.  some of my doctors *only* communicate via their secure email service.  they will not accept calls to the nurses at all.  this is a huge problem for someone that cannot look at the screen due to its position, or type the email.  i really need voice recognition so i can communicate!  if it's not built into iOS, is it an app?  what price?


i would also need the smart cover and a keyboard.  i have to have the stand, as i am unable to hold the ipad up - remember that i am in a reclined position at all times.  i would likely put the ipad w/ the cover as a stand on my knees (bent and upward), and then need a keyboard on my abdomen.  are the keyboards wired or wireless?  if wired, how long is the cord?  i would need about 2.5-3' in length to do this. 


i have an HDTV that was a gift (THANKS!).  does the ipad 2 come w/ a standard HDMI or other connection cord to connect directly to the tv?  or does one need to purchase "apple tv" or some other type unit to view and use on the tv screen?  (in which case, a keyboard w/ cord would not work, would a wireless keyboard work about 8-10' away?).


if my old printer works, i will have to connect it to the old pc - running windows.  will i still be able to print w/ airprint, even tho the printer is connected to a windows pc?  very much need ability to print, especially for medical and financial concerns.  do not have wifi printer and cannot afford one.  will it work?


can i use my google account and its settings - will apple sync w/ chrome?


how much is the warranty and for how long may i purchase it for?  I would want the longest one.  i was able to see that it said you can make 2 warranty claims.  is this correct?


can i upgrade iOS?  is there a charge for it, as in windows?  can i use other programs such as photoscape (freeware vr of photoshop) or another browser (such as dolphin)?


does it have GPS?  may i use it at no charge?  i'm homebound, so this is not a big issue, but if i survive the many major surgeries, i *hope* i can get out again! 


i really need some help.  i cannot communicate with people!  i'm new to apple and do not know anything about these things.  please forgive me for the very lengthy post and so many questions.  any and all information would be quite helpful!  please remember that i *cannot* go searching around sites to find this information.  this post alone has taken over 2 days to write. 


thank you again, and i appreciate your time!


tiff TIFFANYDW2 at yahoo dot com

iPad 2, need ipad 2 - never used apple b4
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    iPads don't have removeable storage, all you can do with SD cards is use the camera connection kit (which is an accessory that you would need to buy) to copy photos and videos to the iPad's Photos app - it can't be used to copy music, apps, documents etc to the iPad, nor to copy anything off the iPad. So you are limited to the built-in storage capacity of the iPad (though cheapest version has 16 gig, though some of that is used by iOS and the built-in apps), though you can copy content to/from it via your computer. There are some wifi-enabled external drives (e.g. GoFlex Satellite) that allow you to stream content to the iPad e.g. films, tv shows, music.


    The second gen iPad supports the highest version of iOS that is currently available i.e. 6.1.2 - what it will support it in the future only Apple will know, we won't know until if/when they announce something. Updating the iOS version is free. It terms of obsolete, then it won't suddenly stop working - I still have a first gen iPad and all my apps on it still work, I just can't update any of them that require the latest version of iOS.


    You can only download apps from the iTunes app store. The iPad runs iOS as its operating system, you can't use PC or Mac programs on it, they are different operating systems. There are a lot of free apps in the store (including other browsers, and there is a Dolphin browser, though it's optimised for the smaller iPhone sized screen, so won't make best use of the iPad's larger screen, and there is a Chrome browser), but apps such as Netflix (though free to download) require a subscription to use them.


    In terms of GPS, only the cellular versions of the iPad have a built-in GPS chip (which is free to use), the wifi-only models don't, they rely on getting their location from the wifi router that they are connected to being in Apple's database.


    Bluetooth can't be used to copy content to/from an iPad, it's mainly aimed at devices such as keyboards and headphones - there are a number of bluetooth keyboards available for the iPad e.g. on Apple's site, and you can also get them from Amazon etc.  There are different ways of copying content to/from an app and a computer (Mac or PC), so how you do so will depend upon what the app supports e.g. transfer via your wifi network, via the file sharing section when connected to your computer's iTunes, email, Dropbox. An iPad doesn't have a 'file system' like your PC does, everything has to be stored in an app - so before you can copy a file to the iPad, you will first need an app on the iPad that supports that file type.


    Siri is not available on the iPad 2, which I think is because it doesn't have the noise cancellation hardware in it that is required for it. It's only on the iPad 3, 4 and Mini.


    The iPad comes with a (free) one-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects, it doesn't cover accidental damage. AppleCare+ (only available in the US) costs $99 and gives cover for an extra year and allows you to make 2 claims for accidental damage (each for a $49 excess) during those two years : AppleCare+.


    There is a separate cable that you can buy ($39 in the US) that should allow you to connect it to an HD TV : digital AV adapter.


    I'm assuming that you are in the US, I'm in the UK so I don't know what charities/foundations might be available

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    thank you so very much, king penguin!  so i don't need to get an ipad2 then?  i could get a hand-me-down ipad first gen?  if that's correct - YAY!!!  it should still be able to do everything i would need then, yes?  you said you cannot dl a lot of apps that are for the newer iOS - do they still offer apps for the first gen?  i'm so grateful for your time in reading all my many q's and taking the time to answer them!  yes, i'm in the US   i cant live in the in the UK bc i cannot get used to UK English - i dont stuff the body in the "boot"  HAHAHA  i stuff it in the trunk!    you've been so kind!  thank you thank you!  if i could find even a first gen that works, if i can still get apps for it, then that'd be a lot cheaper!    i didnt know i could do that. 

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    There are still a lot of apps (i.e. the majority of them) in the app store that run on iOS 5.1.1, which is the highest version that the first gen iPad supports. But over time that number will decrease as developer's update their apps and add features that require iOS 6+ - the versions on the iPad should continue to work on it (all of the apps on mine still work), but you won't be able to download an updated version of any app that requires iOS 6+, nor will you be able to re-download them from the store (only the current version of each app is available in the store, previous versions aren't in it).

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    i see.  that makes sense.  you said that you could upgrade the iOS for free.  so if i got a first gen ipad, couldnt i upgrade it to the latest iOS 6+ and then stay current?


    also, when you upgrade your iOS, do you lose all your apps and saved data, as in windows?  on windows, you simply create another partitiion and save all your files/data there.  but if you don't, you lose everything - it wipes the slate clean.  since i'd have to store things w/in the apps onboard and the files w/in the apps, will i lose them each time i want to upgrade the iOS? 


    so sorry, apple noob here!  this would be a huge investment for me!  have to make sure it will work for my needs. 


    i'm assuming i could move my files to the pc before upgrading the iOS, but as you said, would have to be w/in the app.  i could get them *back* from the pc once that app was installed again then, correct?


    so if all that is correct, couldnt i just get a first gen ipad and upgrade the iOS to the latest before i do anything else, and it'd be good as new?


    why have you not upgraded your iOS?  is there some reason not to?


    if there's no SIRI - i thought that was the voice rec program - is there a voice recognition program w/in the iOS?  i need it when i cannnot use my arms/hands to type.  thanks!


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    A first gen iPad can only update to iOS 5.1.1, it doesn't support anything higher than that - that is what my first gen iPad is on.  iOS 5.1.1 has been out since May last year, so there's a good chance that it would already be on that version. If not then you can update it to 5.1.1 - these are the instructions that I normally give people for how to update :


    Connect the iPad to your computer's iTunes and copy any purchases off the iPad to your computer via File > Transfer Purchases (File > Devices > Transfer Purchases on iTunes 11). You may also want to copy photos and any important documents off the iPad as well e.g. via the file sharing section at the bottom of the device's apps tab when connected to iTunes, via wifi, email, dropbox etc - they should be included in the backup, but it's best to have a copy of them outside of the backup just in case. You can then force a backup of the iPad by right-clicking the iPad 'Device' on the left-hand side of iTunes and selecting 'Backup' : backups and restores.


    Then start the update by selecting the iPad on the left-hand side of iTunes (on iTunes 11 you can enable the left-hand sidebar via option-command-S on a Mac, control-S on a PC), and on the Summary tab on the right-hand side clicking the Check For Updates button


    Updating to iOS 5+ : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4972



    I don't know if having a built-in camera is important, but the first gen iPad doesn't have one - so it won't have the FaceTime app for video calls, but the Skype For iPad app can be installed from the app store (though without the camera the person on the other end of the call won't be able to see you)




    Siri is not available on the iPad 1, and whilst there are dictation apps in the store such as Dragon Dictation, they won't be as powerful as Siri. If Siri is a definite requirement then you will need to the iPad 2 (or higher).


    About Siri : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4992


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    You missed this line of King P.:

       5.1.1, which is the highest version that the first gen iPad supports



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    My last post was slightly wrong - Siri is only available on the iPad 3+, the 2 doesn't have the noise cancellation hardware within it that is required for it.


    Apple quite often have refurbished iPad 3's on the site at reduced prices : http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/specialdeals/ipad

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    rccharcles, thanks!  i thought i'd seen that somewhere, looked again and couldnt find it.  thank you!

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    thank you again so much king penguin!  (i think you should be upgraded to emperor penguin, dont you?)


    now i'm more confused than before. 


    ok first i need to understand the terminology.  at the apple site, there are ipad 2 and ipad 2 w/ retina display.  so when you refer to ipad 3+ i'm not clear on what you mean.  do you mean the "generation"?  the apple site only sells ipad 2, so are all other "gens" the ipad (1)? 


    i'd asked you if the ipad (1) would bc obsolete.  you said no... but that apps would bc less and less available.  you also said i could upgrade the iOS at no cost, which would keep me on top of the latest and greatest All Things Apple and hence the apps would always be available.  so i dont understand how the ipad 1st gen is *not* bc'ing obsolete if you cannot upgrade the iOS and someday the support/apps will run out.  :/ 


    so let me tell you what i need, and you tell me the lowest model i can get for this, ok?  that'll work better, as i'm not understanding this.


    i need an ipad that i can upgrade the iOS when desired/needed.  i need apps to be available for a very long time.  i need the cam to do face time / skype to communicate.  i need (free / built in) voice recognition to do my typing and browsing for me. 


    i think that's all that matters.  what is the lowest ipad vr i can get that will meet that criteria?  then i'll go pick one out from the link you gave me!


    i do have one concern:  the warranties do not cover accidental damage, and there's a $49 charge.  is that for repair or replacement?  if i go tablet pc, i can get a no q's asked replacement for a couple years.  but i NEED the ipad for various reasons, one of which being, tablet pcs, even those w/ android (i will never get one w/ windows on it!)  are all crap.  they dont perform or last like the ipad, and theyre not as sturdy by a long shot.


    when you buy a refurb'd anything pc, youre always taking a HUGE chance that it's a piece of crap.  i will never buy a refurb'd pc bc of this.  i would think apple would be much better w/ their refurbs.  but i dont know.  can a warranty be gotten for the refurb, and the support of the apple gurus?  i'm scared that i'd get one and be left in the dark w/ something i cant figure out, or doesnt work.  is that a risk w/ apple, as it is w/ any pc?


    so what's the lowest ipad gen i can get to meet my needs?  THANKS!  youve been wonderful!


    PS remember i'm a long time windows user, so things are very different in my world.  ie, if you buy a pc w/o dual core processors, you can never upgrade to win7 or above.  so that is my thinking re can i upgrade and which gen/vr of ipad will support upgrades to the iOS. 


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    looked at refurbs. as much or more than new ipad 2.  ??  am i correct that price is basically based on gb for storage?  i would get the 16gb and transfer to pc.  no way to afford more storage.  ppl sell these on amazon and ebay.  why buy from them, for usually the same price, rather than apple?  i'm so utterly confused at this point.  if you could just tell me the lowest (and therefore cheapest) model that would fit my needs, i'll just go w/ that.    please be clear if it's ipad 1 or 2 - see mentions of ipad 3?  i'm confused as this seems to be "generations" of ipad 1, yes?  so please if you could just tell me ipad number and generation to fit my needs, then i'll be done!    thank you so very much!  i'm sorry to have so many q's.  remember that i'm a windows user and all of this is an entirely new world for me.  if had friends or family to ask, i would.    but i want to thank you very very much for all the time and effort you've put into answering my many q's, the patience in answering an apple wanna-be, and providing such helpful links   i understand much more now, thanks to you!  you'll always be emperor penguin in my eyes.    last question, i promise! 


    also, may i talk to you off-forum re the UK?  i got some geaneology from my grandpa that just passed away and would like to know what you know re the history of some of it in the UK.    THANKS!

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    Mis Tiff - I can vouch for the quality of Apple refurbished equipment, I have one.  The warranty is the same as if I had bought a new one and the MacBook Pro looks new.  But they are still expensive even at refurbished.  IMO, an iPad 1 or even an iPad 2 would not give you a value for the money since they will not be supported for as long as you want to keep one.


    Have you thought about a Windows laptop?  If you check eBay or Craigslist, you could find one at a really reasonable price.  I know you said you wanted an iPad but a small laptop should rest on your knees just about as we'll.  A Windows laptop operating system will not have to be upgraded at least annually like an apple device will and then the apps you would put on it would last longer.  Just a thought, I can't answer the rest of your questions.

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    The price is related to the iPad's capacity with the 16 gig wifi-only iPads being the smallest and therefore the cheapest - you will pay more for more storage, and also more if you want the cellular version (which have a built-in GPS chip which the wifi-only models don't have).


    If you want Siri then the cheapest model is the iPad 3 16 gig - the '3' is the version, the first gen iPad was released in March 2010, iPad 2 in March 2011, iPad 3 in March 2012 and the iPad 4 in November 2012. Siri is not available on the iPad 1 and 2, it's only on the 3 and 4 (and the smaller iPad Mini, released in November last year). Apple currently sell as new the iPad 2 and the iPad 4 (which they call 'iPad with retina display' on their site) - the iPad 2 has a lower resolution screen, lower spec cameras, and a lower spec CPU in it (and a lower price, but no Siri). The newer the model, the higher the version of iOS that is likely to support in the future.


    The iPad 3 and 4 both support the current highest version of iOS - as does the iPad 2, but as that doesn't have Siri, I don't think that is an option.


    The refurbished iPads from Apple have a (free) one year warranty, but that standard warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, if you want cover for that then you will need AppleCare+ which is an extra $99, and then $49 for each time you claim (which you can do twice) - it also gives you an extra year's coverage. As the iPad is a sealed unit you normally get a replacement iPad (of the same specs), it isn't repaired. Without AppleCare+, then for accidental damage Apple will replace the iPad 2 for $249

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    thank you so much IIP   glad to hear someone vouch for a refurb.  youre right, i cannot afford anything apple.  i was hoping to find a foundation that helps disabled ppl that need to communicate.  i really REALLY need to know if there's voice recognition in the iOS, or even a good free app....  idk.  as you said, i looked at refurbs and even the same model as the cheapest new ipad 2 was $400.  :/  only diff i could see *i think* was that it was wifi and cellular - and i only need wifi.  perhaps the reason the refurb was as much as the new w/ only wifi?


    prob w/ laptop pc - cannot use arms much, esp to pick up a laptop, and cannot carry one around.  even an ultrabook (which is a trademark) or other light weight is over 3lbs and i cannot do that.  i can barely do 8oz (for a drink).  ergo laptops are out.  ultras / light weights are way too expensive.  they also come w/ friggin win8.  the starting range of those are much higher than the starting range of ipad.


    i guess i'll have to look into a samsung galaxy 2 tablet, android, upgradeable, if i cannot find a way to get the ipad.  advantage of tablet pc over apple / ipad is big time w/ warranty.  so that is my 2nd choice, since the price just went down tonite actually at my WM.  (no lectures!  i have to buy there, cannot afford local biz's!)


    i'm using a laptop now, old one, borrowed, win xp.  i cannot move it at all.  it's soooo heavy!  i've not weighed it but would not be surprised if over 5lbs.  ergo my posts take forever to write and it's very hard for me as i cannot be in a reclining position to use it.  due to my spinal diseases, it's complicated.  i have to move around at least every 20-30min while awake, or 45-60min while trying to sleep.  not to be confused w/ mobility or ability to hold head upright/ at all, or use of arms.  spinal disease is entire spine now.  just found out that peachy news recently. 


    so you see a laptop wont work.  i've spent months and months trying to find a laptop that i *could* use.  not possible. 


    pro's of tablet pc:  less than 1/2 the price, and no q's asked, no charge, 2-3 yr drop/spill/anything accident or manufacturing defect.  will get one w/ android, upgradeable.  tons of free apps. 


    cons:  much less performance, and nothing near the quality of ipad in any way.  even the cases are not as durable as ipad.  wont get anything w/ windows on it, so have to make sure it's an android.  many android models *do not* have VR (voice recognition) installed.  hard to find *free* *good* VR app.  have to use mSD card.  hard for someone w/ very limited use of arms and would have to mess around w/ that little tiny thing w/ messed up dexterity. 


    pro's of ipad:  DURABLE, still unclear how long it'll last as far as upgrading iOS and available apps.  great OS and software/apps.  compatible in many ways w/ pc.  *better* features in all ways than tab pc.


    cons:  no idea if disability accessibility w/ VR installed or free app that is *free* and *good*.  price more than 2x as much as decent tablet pc.  warranty is crap.  i cannot afford it and it's only 1 yr and doesnt cover accidents.  have to buy more expensive compatible accessories like case/cover/kb.


    either way, i have to find help for purchase of either kind and accessories and prob good VR software/app.  at some point, i will be 100% quadriplegic and unable to communicate - that's an absolutey firm prognosis.  at this time i am 80% incapicated - meaning 80% of a 24hr period i am completely incapcitated.  i wanted to get VR set up on pc, but cannot sit, even in recliner, and look at monitor due to position of body and therefore having to turn head, hold weight of head on neck, and entire spine issues.  so i was going to set it up, as i thought i had no choice (which i wont have likely sooner than expected), and then i got laryngitis and had *no* voice at all for 35 - THIRTY FIVE!! - days!  been ~2+ mo now and it still goes out.  crazy!  advice:  if you lose your voice, SHUT UP or you'll never get it back.  i'm not kidding!


    so things arent working out well at all for awhile.  *shrugs*  such is life. 


    this reply has taken me many trips (and hours) to the old laptop and i cannot hold my head up or use my arms anymore tonight.  so


    KING PENGUIN - i will have to read and reply to you tomorrow (USA).  sorry!


    thank you IIP!  tablet pc is back in my options.  that choice was just made a few hours ago when my "servant"  (lol, my bff, he's so sweet!) came by and went shopping for me so i could get some food!  yummy!  there are too many cons to tablet pc, but it appears, at this point, that it's going to be my only choice.


    k, my head's falling off!  i tell ppl i have a "dislocated head"  HAHA  and my mom thought i was serious.  :/ 


    THANK YOU!!!

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    king (emperor) penguin - dropped some info into my profile so you could to whom you are speaking.    check it out!  idk about you, but i love to see and know the person on the other end.  get back to you later on your latest reply.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


    all replies to this thread welcome to check my profile   made it so you could know to whom you are speaking.


    ---added photos, but they dont show up near my posts?  but i have no points, perhaps that's why?--




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