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Going to the Project library garrentees that it will freeze up. I trashed preferences and it worked for about15 minutes. I actually got to rename a project and add a folder to organize but alas the ball stated spinning and I had to force quit. I only have 15 projects or so but some are strickly slideshow with imported audio. Could that be the problem?  The others are just basic little home movies with added titles and transitions.  I am at my wits end with this!  You would think that if Apple sells a product that is unusable they would do something to fix it but apparently NOT!


I am down to 60 gigs on my Pro. Could space be an issue?  I have an external drive I could transfer it to but I don't know how to do that and not loose my projects.  Please help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    OK - things can go wrong


    Especially DO NOT


    • Use Video Codecs - iMovie can not use

    • Use Photo file formats- iMovie can not use

    • Use Audio file formats- iMovie can not use


    OK - So What can I not use - there are zillions of possibly MINES out there and to list them would be a monumental task. So I can only tell What I use


    • Video - StreamingDV (from miniDV tape Camera) or anything converted to AIC (Apple Interchangeably Codec)


    • Photos - ONLY .jpg - Never Ever .bmp


    • Audio - ONLY ONLY ! - .aiff 48kHz 16-bit OR from Audio-CD (still .aiff but 44.1kHz) - Never Ever .mp3 or DIRECTLY from iTunes.

    - If need material from iTunes - I do - Collect it into a new PlayList. - BURN this as an Audio-CD (YES .aiff ONLY)


    THEN - Next thing TO NOT DO - EVER !

    • Move or alter any folder named

    - iMovie Event's - or -

    - iMovie Project's

    on DeskTop/Finder


    Doing this results in broken connections to iMovie and it can be hard to impossibly to mend !


    If You MUST move a Project and/or Event's - DO THIS in the iMovie Application - and all will be safe - as long as that the target Hard Disk is formatted as - Mac OS Extended (hfs) - NOTHING ELSE will Do !


    UNIX / DOS / FAT32 / Mac OS Exchange - Works for most other things BUT NOT FOR VIDEO - even if You use FinalCut - It's a NO NO


    What I would try - First is

    • Go to Apple Menu

    • Down to System Pref.

    • Select Accounts

    • press the PLUS sign and create a new user account

    • Log out - and into this

    • Now try iMovie and see if it behaves


    But as You see - there are to many things that can go wrong - see my following list


    When iMovie doesn't work as intended this can be due to a lot of reasons


    • iMovie Pref files got corrupted - trash it/they and iMovie makes new and error free one's

    • Creating a new User-Account and log into this - forces iMovie to create all pref. files new and error free

    • Event or Project got corrupted - try to make a copy and repair

    • a codec is used that doesn't work

    • problem in iMovie Cache folder - trash Cache.mov and Cache.plist

    • version miss match of QuickTime Player / iMovie / iDVD

    • preferences are wrong - Repair Preferences

    • other hard disk problem - Repair Hard Disk (Disk Util tool - but start Mac from ext HD or DVD)

    • External hard disks - MUST BE - Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted to work with Video

    ( UNIX/DOS/FAT32/Mac OS Exchange - works for most other things - but not for Video )

    • USB-flash-memories do not work

    • Net-work connected hard disks - do not work

    • iPhoto Library got problems - let iPhoto select another one or repair it. Re-build this first then try to re-start iMovie.

    This You do by

    _ close iPhoto

    _ on start up of iPhoto - Keep {cmd and alt-keys down}

    _ now select all five options presented

    _ WAIT a long long time


    • free space on Start-Up (Mac OS) hard disk to low (<1Gb) - I never go under 25Gb free space for SD-Video (4-5 times more for HD)

    • external devices interferes - turn off Mac - disconnect all of them and - Start up again and re-try

    • GarageBand fix - start GB - play a few notes - Close it again and now try iMovie

    • Screen must be set to million-colors

    • Third-party plug-ins doesn't work OK

    • Run "Cache Out X", clear out all caches and restarts the Mac

    • Let Your Mac be turned on during one night. At about midnight there is a set of maintenance programs that runs and tidying up. This might help

    • Turn off Your Mac - and disconnect Mains - for about 20-30 minutes - at least this resets the FireWire port.

    • In QuickTime - DivX, 3ivx codec, Flip4Mac, Perian etc - might be problematic - temporarily move them out and re-try

    (I deleted the file "3ivxVideoCodec.component" located in Mac HD/Library/Quicktime and this resolved my issue.)


    buenrodri wrote

    I solved the problem by removing the file: 3ivxVideoCodec.component. after that, up-dated iMovie runs ok.


    Last resort: Trash all of iMovie and re-install it


    Yours Bengt W

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    Bengt W -

    I'm new to the Mac world and wondered if you could provide specific steps to your solutions above. I went ahead and created a new account but the problem is that none of my videos or photos are available because they are under my other user name. I saw the iPhoto suggestion you listed and tried that (holding command+alt) but it doesn't allow me to choose all four that are listed.  Are these solutions for iMovie 11?

    Thanks for your time.


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    If You can not re-build and repair iPhoto Library - then I guess a more severe problem - I would


    • Ask in iPhoto forum - Why


    • trash iPhoto pref file (in User account / Library / Preferences)


    Else our hope is that more know-legedly (misspelled - No working suggestions) people will assisst ! - I'm running out of ideas.


    Yours Bengt W