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DonGoldberg Level 1 Level 1

My Airport Express "Satellite" unit will connect to my wireless network and play AirPlay music.  But it will not extend the wi-fi network.


Here is my set-up

I have an Airport Express (AEx) 802.11n serving as my wireless network base station; it's connected by cable to my cable modem.


I have an older AEx 802.11g as a satellite at my TV, which I want to stream AirPlay music and to provide internet signal to my Blu-Ray player.  This older AEx requires that I use the older version (5.6) of the Airport Utlity on my Mac.


I've rest the AEx 802.11g and configured it to extend my wi-fi network.  After doing this, the AirPlay streaming works fine, but there is no internet signal. 


To make sure that this was not a problem with the Blu-Ray player, I've tested by trying to use the AEx 802.11g to provide a wired ethernet siganl to my Mac. When I do this, the Systen Peferences Network pane shows the status of my wired ethernet as "Cable Unplugged."


I've tried changing the channel that the base station uses -- no improvement.


Can anyone suggest something for me to try.  Thanks.

  • Tesserax Level 9 Level 9

    When using a "mix" of AirPort Express base stations, the only option to extend the wireless range, via a wireless connection between them, is to configure them both for a WDS. The "extend" option is only workable for 802,11n base stations.

  • DonGoldberg Level 1 Level 1

    So if I want to use AEx to get the wi-fi signal and feed it my Blu-Ray I am going to need to get a new AEx with 802.11n ??

  • Tesserax Level 9 Level 9

    No, not necessarily. A WDS is just the "older" way to extend a wireless network. It has two major drawbacks: 1) It only runs in the 802.11g radio mode, and 2) For every base station added to the WDS, the overall bandwidth is cut in half ... so the issue will be bandwidth performance.


    If streaming, especially a HD video source is important to you, then I would second your comment on getting a second 802.11n AirPort Express.