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I don't want to do html.  I'd like the MobileMe options that are now dysfunctional to be back to working.  Am I stuck with learing html to move forward?

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    No.  Apple has discontinued support of iWeb so we're stuck with the latest version, iWeb 3.0.4.


    iWeb still works (iWeb 3 with Mt. Lion and iWeb 2 with Lion) and can be used to publish to 3rd party FTP servers.  With iWeb 2 one now must publish to a folder on the hard drive and use a 3rd party FTP client like YummyLite, Cyberduck or Transmit to upload the website files to the FTP server. 


    With iWeb 3 you can publish directly to the ftp server just like you could to MobileMe.


    If you search the iWeb forum for "iWeb replacement" you'll find many topics describing what's available.



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    Well, you can wish all you like, but it's not going to happen.  Apple ditched MobileMe at the end of June last year and replaced it with iCloud and has not supported, sold or developed iWeb for a long time now.


    There are lots of alternatives out there that don't involve the use of html, but you can still use iWeb if you have it.It is an application and still works with Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.


    html is not very hard to learn and along with css it is what drives all websites, so it might benefit you to learn a little, so that you have a greater understanding of websites generally.


    Other than this, do a search of this forum as OT has suggested or take a look at RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Freeway Express 6, Flux 4, WebAcappella 4 and Quck n' Easy Website Builder as alternatives to iWeb.

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    If you are like me, and loved I web for it's lack of html, I don't think you will like the software suggested.  I have bought most of them and find that I do not have time or interest for the learning curve.  It is the same reason I don't change my own oil.  I like driving but not auto mechanics.  Any of these hml soloutions are more mechanics.


    I agree that if you want to stick with iWeb you can just use a host that supports it such as MacHighway.  That is who I use.


    Other than that if you want an iWeb type of experience the new solution is to use a host that has website building software on their own site.  An example of this is a site like weebly.  I am looking at using them, I haven't found another "good" one.

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    If you are going to post, then don't post incorrect information.


    The programmes that I listed are NOT html solutions as you put it.  You don't need to know any html to be able to use any of these programmes, but perhaps Flux 4 and Freeway Express 6 are exceptions that might take a greater learning curve.  RapidWeaver and Sandvox certainly do not require any knowledge of html and as far as I am aware are drag and drop in the same way that iWeb is.


    You say that you own most of them?  Have you taken the trouble to look at WebAcappella?  This is the closest thing to iWeb and does include different kinds of buttons, dynamic menus, so that you can include drop down menus without having to look elsewhere.  There is also an integrated contact form that iWeb does not have and it is extremely easy to use.  Take a look here at http://www.webacapella.fr.


    As well as Weebly and if you want a website up quickly that does not require any knoweldge of html, then take a look at http://www.wix.com or http://www.wordpress.com.