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I have a new laptop, that is unfortunately running Windows 8.  I have my iTunes library that I transferred (per iTunes direction) to my external drive.  I downloaded iTunes 11 on the new computer (I also upgraded my old computer's iTunes to 11 before I started this).  I though I could just keep my library on the external hard drive, but I experienced the same problem I am about to explain.  So, I transferred my library per Apple instruction from the external hard drive to the iTunes folder on the new computer.  Now, when I try to select the new Library folder (shift, program start up iTunes...etc.)  I see the file, but I can't select it.  If I keep clicking into the folders I do not see any of the songs in the folders (Music/Artist/Album/Track).  However, if I view any of the files on the external hard drive or on the computer using windows explore, I can see all of the files fine - they are there.  What am I missing here?  I have spent hours on this (it is a large library) and I am beyond frustrated.  Please, can anyone help me out there!

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