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Im worried I will lose all my photos since I don't connect to itunes for backup!! HELP I am almost 100% that my iCloud is turned on will that allow me to get my photos back when i restore??

iPhone 4S
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    if you had photostream on. you can also check inside your pictures folder on your computer and see if there are any there.

    if you contact apple care they can check to see if you have icloud backup recent as well as a picture count, or you can sign in with your apple id on another ios device and go to icloud>storage and backupo> manage storage


    and see your backups.

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    I didn't have photostream on another computer...stupid I know... So I have an Ipod touch and it shows there is 4.6GB of my 5GB available for iCloud... I had a ton of pics on my phone, the reason i was removing them was to create more room so i could do the update to the software and the usage was like 7 GB? maybe for the photos&camera, it was at the top of the usage list. Which is why im afraid iCloud doesn't have all my pics!


    Apple care can do a picture count though? I know I had over 1300 so maybe I will try that


    Any other thoughts after my above explaination??