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J'ai un iMac G5 PowerPC avec ichat installer et un OS 10.5.8, est ce que je peux communiquer avec un utilisateur d IMessage?


i have an old IMac G5 PowerPC and i have ichat installed with 10.5.8 OS, can i communicate with an iMessage user?

ichat iMessage, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Yes, you can use it via an AIM account on both mac and iphone.

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    The Messages App can do everything iChat can and has the ability to iMessage to iOS devices as well.


    iChat and the Messages app need to both be using either AIM or Jabber based IDs  (AIM to AIM, Jabber to Jabber)

    If you have iChat 6 and they have Messages you could also both use Yahoo IDs (Text Only)


    Google via GoogleTalk have as Jabber Server.

    Facebook enables their IDs to be used on a Jabber server they run.

    There are many more Jabber servers out there.


    AIM valid names can include Apple ID sending in @mac.com, @me.com and @icloud.com

    The last two are likely to have been issued via iCloud and will only work in iChat 6 and Messages.

    (It's about the way Apple now gets AIM valid IDs passwords checked in those two apps)



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