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I like to use the Faces feature of Aperture, to help me easily find photos of people. I do sometimes publish photos from Aperture to Facebook, but I don't want to tag people in Facebook. I also get a side effect of reposting albums on Facebook when I update Faces. The reposting happens without my knowledge--the only way I found out about it was people Liking and Commenting on photos that (I thought) hadn't been published for months!

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    I'd suggest to disable the Facebook account in your Aperture preferences - remove Facebook from the "Web Accounts" panel in the Preperences panel.


    See this paragraphs in the Aperture User Manual:




    Then export the images your want to publish to Facebook and use Facebook's uploader. When exporting versions from Aperture, you can decide, if you want to add IPTC and Faces data.




  • Richard Tench Level 1 (130 points)

    Hi Léonie! Thanks for this. And it looks like specifying export options appears in 3 places. (The Export dialog, the Export preferences, and the Export presets). Is IPTC specified through "Include Metadata" in the image export presets? (I found Faces in the Export preferences).


    It looks like the only way you can get a Facebook caption using Export, is through the Version Name, and exporting with Version names, as Facebook uses the file name as its caption. Is that right? (I think that's what you would do with Facebook sync too).