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I got a mail from apple that I need to replace my hard drive ( recall). I back up in my timecapsul and restore all my files. After I finished my restore files I realized that I did my laptop one....not desk top files so my desk top looks exact like my lap top.


I whole design program is different....I tried to restore files but I couldn't....whole system looks different....I need help...Im not good at using computer....I just need to back my desk top like previous one....please please help me


How to restore my desktop files.....How can I undo this step?? This is a night mare....please please help me.....

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    If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is start over. Boot into Recovery (command-R at startup), select Restore from Time Machine, and then select the latest snapshot of the right machine.

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    Thanks for the comment Linc Davis. I really appreciate that. I tried do what you told, but it doesnt work....i need to start over like pc so i can get back my old desktop.....this is  nightmare!!!!  i dont know what to do.....command +R doesnt work......

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    If your backup device is a locally-attached hard drive (not a network device such as a Time Capsule), you should be able to boot from it into Recovery by holding down the option key at startup.