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Bernd Gewehr Level 1 (0 points)

We use a SQUID proxy server in our company network.


For ensuring legal compliance we use proxy user authentication.


Configuring our IOS 6.1.2 devices for our wireless networks does not work in any of the possible ways:


- no Proxy doesn't work - as expected

- manual proxy with credentials does not work for all apps - but for some

- Auto-Proxy does not help our users since there is no way to store the credentials in that case


We found out that besides the configuration of ios it is every single app developer having to care about proxy authentications issues in his apps.


As an IT department manager having to care for all those devices i have a strong wish:


Please, Apple, make all those apps in the appstore behave well in enterprise proxy authentication environments by clear design rules and checks.


Help people using ios devices in business environments for business purposes!


Thank you very much!


Regards, Bernd Gewehr

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2