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Is it possable to set up my iphone mail box so that it will only download the header of the mail, and the rest of the mail and attachments dowload on request or when you open the mail. And how do I do it.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
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    There is no such option/setting on an iPhone to determine this. Whether you can view the attachment has more to do with your connection, WiFi or cellular, and the size of the attachment than anything else. There will be a paperclip indicating the message includes an attachment regardless if downloaded with the message or not. When connected to the cellular network, if an attachment is below a designated size the attachment will be downloaded automatically. If over a certain size, you must select the attached file icon in the body of the message to download the attachment. The size limit varies by carrier/provider.

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    Thank you for the info it is a great help. I think apple could consider a function like this, but thank you again.

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    You're welcome.