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I'm hoping someone can help me.  Through recovering and manually rebuilding my library, I end up with multiple duplicates of multiple files.  Maybe 15,000 duplicates out of about 37'000 files.  I'm looking for a way via Osx (maybe Automator) or an application to remove multiple duplicates while keeping the highest quality image. This could be either the highest resolution or the largest file size.  I've tried duplicate annihilation but that app does not have an option to accommodate this.  I giess its important to note that the identical files could look like this:


Img-1234.  468kb

Img-1243 2 824kb

Img-1234 copy 2 1.4mb

2012-12-12 1.4mb


What I would want to achieve from these four copies of the  exact same picture is to flag all but one of the 1.4mb files as duplicates.



Does anyone know of a way to do this other than manually?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)