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I have an 80GB iPod Classic, I have the latest version of iTunes, I am running Windows 8.


Last night I synched my iPod to iTunes as I do occasionally.

This time, for no apparent reason, I decided to tick the box to manually update, and to use the ipod as an external drive (sorry I forget the exact wording). I basically did this to see what would happen - I was not expecting the results....


On completing the synch, I disconnected properly and then found that the ipod said I have no songsI

It should have around 27GB of space available, it now says I have about 5GB.

All that is available to me are some photographs and the 3 games that were preinstalled - there are no games missing.

All the space is shown as being used by "Other" rather than songs or movies etc.

Itunes will run OK when I don't connect the iPod.

When I connect the iPod to the PC, iTunes then freezes, it shows in Task Manager as not responding. If I use task Manager to end iTunes, iTunes then will not restart.


I have followed the Troubleshooting Assistant as best as I can - I have Reset the iPod, I have tried different USB port - I do not have another cable to try but I do not believe that is the problem anyway. I have restarted the computer numerous times - that is the only way I can get the iPod to say it is safe to disconnect. Sometimes, particularly after iTunes has frozen, the computer will not shut down properly and I have to just switch it off. 


I have also restored the computer to a restore point from a couple of days before this problem started.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes.


The iPod does show as a device with removable storage in Computer, shown as "Removable Disk", but I cannot access it all from there. If I try to open it in File Explorer that program just hangs. I have copies of all my music etc so I would be happy to format the iPod but I cannot do that because I cannot access it.


I would be very grateful for any suggestions that do not involve me throwing either the iPod or the PC out of the window....

Thanks in advance

iPod classic, Other OS
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    Just to add a little bit to the history - the iPod hasn't been 100% perfect before this. On occasion it has locked up requiring me to just wait for the battery to run flat - this was before I looked on here and found how to reset it - but when it restarted it was always fine.

    Also more recently - I think since I upgraded to Windows 8 from Vista - every time I have gone to disconnect the iPod from iTunes, it has not allowed me to, saying files are in use elsewhere, so the only way I have been able to diconnect has been to "eject" it via the "Computer" page.