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I'm using Apple Configurator 1.2. I have supervised 95 iPads, so that I could batch install Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. This worked very well, but the users also want the ability to plug in their supervised iPad, into iTunes, and install their own apps, music, pictures, etc. Each time they do that, iTunes says "this device is currently being supervised by another host".

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    My understanding is that the users will not be able to plug in their iPad but they can log in with their own apple id and get any apps that they want, barring any restrictions placed on them.


    As for music or pictures they could use dropbox to put those on the device. I dont really see much of a use for users of iPads that they do not own to plug them into a computer.

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    from my experience with Apple configurator, if you supervise you can't sync photo's etc via itunes

    from what I understand if you don't supervise you won't be able to "reclaim" VPP apps

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    You can only sync music and photos this via the computer that supervised the devices in the first place.


    Users can still get apps over the air by logging into their own Apple ID and downloading apps wirelessly. They can get music and photos via other methods (Websites, Dropbox, WebDav, etc)  They just can't plug in via USB and do this.