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Hello everybody,


When I bought my rMBP all was fine and dandy. Within a week I bought the Crumpler 15" Slip, hoping it would protect my screen from any scratches and stuff. After I bought and started using the slip I suddenly found some scratches on my screen. At first I thought it was a dead pixel but the guys from the Premium Reseller said it was a scratch. They wouldn't replace my screen, because scratches on the screen weren't part of the garantee.


Frustrated I went home, I payed 2500 euro's for my rMBP (incl. AppleCare). That said, a week later (still using the Slip) a big *** black beam running from the top to the bottom of the screen:




So now they would replace the screen at my Reseller. I was happy, the scratched "pixel" was replaced too.


A month later the same thing happened, a scratch in my screen. I didn't use my kitchen knife and started scratching the surface of my screen... This all started to raise some questions in my head. I found this article from Apple for example:




Prior to this rMBP I had a MBP 13" and it survived a nuclear disaster without leaving a scratch (a "little" bit exaggerated). For real: I had it for 3 years, no scratch on my screen.


Now I'm a graphic designer and I need my screen to be spot on clean. The scratch is located in the middle of my canvas in i.e. Adobe Illustrator. To check if my colors are right, I always have to move the canvas around. Very frustrating!!



My question(s) to you all:


Are the rMBP screen more sensitive to scratches. Is a breadcrumb enough to create such a deep scratch that shows that well (like I said, looking like dead pixel)?


Is a scratch, that withholds me from doing my job efficiently, part of the AppleCare garantee?


Thanks everyone,



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 16GB
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    Not noticed it being easier to scratch for me. I use a small silk cloth to wipe it over and a bit of breath (as if I were cleaning glasses or lenses) not noticed any scratches on my screen. I've kept it in a case but also dragged it around with me a fair bit so would expect it to have acquired a scratch if it was going to.

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    I also have a dead pixel sized scratch on my rMBP. Just found it today. Middle of my screen and anyoning. I'm sure I will get used to it but after paying $3000USD for it just 3.5 months ago has got me fustrated. I got this screen because I am photographer and wanted that extra resolution. This screen does seem more sensitive than others I have had. My previous laptops seem like they went at least a year without a nick in the screen.



    As for the AppleCare portion of the question, I am not sure. Would love to know.