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I am running Aperture 3.4.3 on an iMac running 10.8.2.  I have Photo Stream enabled.  When I open Aperture, it downloads all the recent photos from Photo Stream and puts them in to one or more automatically created projects called something like "Mar 2013 Photo Stream".  As I understand it, Aperture is copying the photos from Photo Stream to these new projects, so when Photo Stream eventually deletes the photos (say because I reach the 1000 photo limit), the downloaded versions in Aperture won't affected.  So far, so good.


Because the new projects in Aperture start with the month name, I have taken to renaming these folders to something like "2013 03 March Photo Stream", and you can then sort them alphabetically.  This might be red herring though.


When I open iTunes and connect my iPhone, I have selected to sync photos from all Events in the last 12 months.  This should include all the projects that were created in Aperture.  This is where I hit the problem.  Some of the projects sync just fine.  Others do not.  When they don't sync, 2 things happen:


1. The Events don't appear on the iPhone

2. When I look in iTunes, all the affected Events have the same item count.  The item count is correct for one project, but not the others.  So, for example, I have 4 projects at the moment that won't sync, and all show in iTunes with an item count of 1.  Only one project actually contains 1 photo, the rest have many more. 


I have tried all sorts of things in Aperture, such as rebuilding the data, deleting the iPod Photo Cache etc.


Does anyone have any idea?