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I followed, or at least I thought, the instructions to move my Itunes to a new PC. I backed it up, moved it and installed Itunes on the new PC. All the music was moved to the new PC, however when I get into Itunes and click on a song, Itunes can't find the music. If I actually go to the disk where the music is, I click on the music and Itunes will play it. It appears the pointer to the music is not working/

Itunes, Windows 7
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    This is the way I would have recommended you that you go about it. If your library is in a non-standard layout then normally it still works as long as the media is restored to the same paths it held previously. Click a broken file and click CTRL+I to Get Info, then locate the file when prompted. iTunes may then offer to try to locate the rest of the missing files. This is sometimes successful. Otherwise I have a script called FindTracks that should be able to do the trick.