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How do I get ringtones from a free app to work on my 4S

iPhone 4S
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    There free apps like RMaker and Ringtones that allow you to make ringtones from songs and hav videos which show how to do it.


    Or if you are really adventurous you could do the following:


    This how to make ring tones for your iPhone:

    1. 1.    Choose the desire song from you library
    2. 2.    Do secondary click to your song
    3. 3. Click "Get Info"
    4. 4.    Go to Options tab
    5. 5.    Set Start Time and Stop Time, some iOS only allowed 30 sec length for one ringtones, then click OK
    6. 6.    Do secondary click to your selected song
    7. 7. Clik "Create AAC Version", new song from your selected will added to your library (short one)
    8. 8.    Do secondary click to your short one (new song)
    9. 9. Click "Show in Finder"
    10. 10. Rename file *.m4a to *.m4r, click "use *.m4r"
    11. 11. Drag the file to library, for the first time it would automatically add your library with new folder "Tones" under Apps folder
    12. 12. Open the ring tones in the Tones folder of your library than drag it to your iPhone. And your iPhone also would be automatically added "Tones" folder.
    13. 13. Last but not least, set the ring tone in your iPhone under the "Setting-Sound"