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I'm subscribed to a carrier that is not on the official carriers list (it's a virtual operator based on one of those which are on the list), and I'm not able to activate the hotspot (possibly due to lack of provisioning profile, even the carrier name on the phone is not correct, while is correct on other phones). Their assistance suggest to tell Apple to introduce them on the list, but I'm not sure whether this is an Apple or Carrier - started process. Any ideas?



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    Apple decides who it wants to partner with, so AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc. However, just because an iPhone will work with any carrier (if unlocked) that doesn't mean it can use all of the features of the iPhone.


    So, to answer that question, you can put in feedback at Apple.com/feedback but that's really about it. One person, unfortunately, will not be changing how Apple does its partnerships and what not.