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Ahongz Level 1 (0 points)

My font app store look bigger than usual

How can I return it to normal?

I can't download anything and updating my apps

I already reset setting but it cannot help

It still look bigger

The new iPad (iPad 3), iOS 5.1.1
  • GrumpyGator Level 5 (4,565 points)

    If pinching the screen does not work, try shutting down the app in the task bar.


    Double tap the home button, press and hold the app store app untill it wiggles. Press the red dot to close.


    Tap the home button again.


    Other things to try:


    Make sure IOS is updated to latest version


    Reboot device by pressing both the home button and sleep/wake (power) buttons at the same time for 10-15 seconds until the apple logo appears on the screen, then let go.


    If that doesn't work then reset the device by going to settings/general/reset/reset all settings

    (no media or data will be deleted from the device, this will only take a minute).

  • Ahongz Level 1 (0 points)

    i already do all the thing except the update ios to latest version because i don't have wifi in my dorm so i can't update it

    i already reset, close it and nothing happened it still look bigger

    i don't know what's wrong it did not happened before

  • GrumpyGator Level 5 (4,565 points)

    If you don't have wifi then how are you accessing the app store?

  • Ahongz Level 1 (0 points)

    my ipad is wifi + cellular

  • GrumpyGator Level 5 (4,565 points)

    Have you tried signing out of app store, rebooting, then signing back in?


    Go to settings/itunes and app stores/sign out



    sign back in

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    already do the sign in, sign out several times before

    but it still look bigger than usual

    i reboot my ipad twice

  • GrumpyGator Level 5 (4,565 points)

    and the itunes store page looks fine?


    and do you have a computer with itunes and an internet connection?


    You may have to restore.


    How to back up and restore (iCloud and iTunes)


  • Ahongz Level 1 (0 points)

    it's finally getting back to normal

    i don't know how but it seem the app store problem itselft

    all page look fine now, the itunes page look fine to

    thank you for your help

    i'll update my ios right away