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I have an ipod touch and a macbook.  I have been trying to sync my calendars, and there is no way for me to sync them over iTunes.  There is no box to check.  The message I'm getting says my calendars are being sync'ed over the air, and they aren't.  I do not have a mobile me account, and I will not get one.  I have too much information on my ipod and my mac for me to delete and re-start either one.  What can I do?  Is there any way I can return to an older version of iTunes until you get this sorted out?  How do I change the over-the-air settings?  I go to settings--> calendars --> sync all events, and it doesn't sync.  I've got to get this sorted out.  What do I do? 

iPod touch, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)