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Hey everybody,


I shot a short film on a RED One MX using 4,5k resolution with 2.33:1 aspect ratio and edited it in Media Composer 6 using the native r3d files via AMA.


I then exported an EDL, wanting to use the native r3d files in color for grading.


Since Color doesn't support 4,5k resolution I chose 4k 2:1 aspect ratio as this came closest to my native files settings.


Color imports the EDL perfectly and links all the right media. However, the image is displayed at only about a quarter of the actual resolution (size). This doesn't seem to be just a displaying issue, because when I export from Color, I get a 4096x2048 (4k, 2:1) file with the image being a huge black frame and my actual image at just a quarter of the size within that frame.


Is that due to the fact, that color doesn't really support 4,5k material or do I need to change any settings in order to have the files at the right resolution?


Anyone ever encountered that problem or has succesfully worked with 4,5k files in Color?



Thanks in advance for your help!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Well, how are you viewing this? What external monitor and IO card? The Kona 3 only supports 2K output, and will scale that to 1080 for viewing on an external broadcast monitor.  The Kona 3G and Decklink 4K will do 4K, so that leave us with monitoring. There are 4K monitors...are you using one of those?


    Grading with Color requires an IO card and external monitor. The Viewer in the Color interface is extremely innaccurate. 

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    I figured it out. At least I believe I did.

    r3d Files come with Quicktime wrappers - basically Reference Clips, that are linked to the r3d files. There are 4 wrappers for each file: Full, High, Medium, Proxy. Full in my case would be 4480x1920, which is too large for Color to handle, so it seems to fall back on the High wrapper, which has 2k resolution. I now rendered my sequence to ProRes422HQ with 444 Chroma sampling with REDCINE-X and downscaled to 4k 2:1 so Color can handle it. Works like a charm. Although the color range seems to have shifted, even though I had Gamma Correction set to off.