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Macbook Pro, bound to Windows domain, running 10.7.5


This one user's domain password expired.  Now, she can't log into the Mac with her new password.  That's all.


I'm a Windows admin, but I'm fairly competent in supporting OSX.  I'm hoping there's a very easy fix to sync their current password with the domain controller.  For my first trick, I've tried plugging her into the wired network until the red dot goes away and network accounts are "available".  Didn't work.  Unbind, re-bind to domain didn't help either.  Other AD accounts can log into this Macbook with their current passwords (for example: I haven't logged in in over 90 days, our default password expiration period, and I could get in just fine AND I was prompted to update my keychain password)


Side note:  I was hoping to find the equivalent of a "gpupdate /force" for OSX, but that seems to be hard to find.


What other information is needed?



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Hi, did you manage to solve this?


    I have a similar issue:

    - Suddenly, more than one week ago, I could not unlock my Mac, hence I believed that my domain password had exipred

    - By using Outlook Web Access I logged in with the old password, which made me realise that the password wasn't expired after all

    - I thought it was useful to change the password anyway, and I did that using OWA

    - I got back to the Mac and realised that I could not login with neither the old and new passwords!

    - I forced reboot the Mac, and now I can login only with the *old* password, the one that stopped working!


    Since then, I need to use the old password on the Mac and the new on all other network resources associated to the domain. All of this happened while in my office, so no networking complications. I have spent time with the Mac still on the same network but the new password never got 'propagated' to it since.