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I am trying to copy a 300GB Aperture library from one external drive to another. (It doesn't fit on my internal) I get the following message: "The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “x.aplibrary” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)"  I have run disk utilties-both drives are fine.

Is this due to the large size? WOuld I be better opening the library in Aperture and "exporting" to the second drive to make the copy?



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    Are both your drives formatted MacOS X Extended? That error messages is very typical for trying to copy from or to an external drive that has the wrong formatting. What format do you see when you select one of your external drives in the Finder and use the Finder menu command "File > Get Info":

    Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 15.15.49.png


    If the destination volume has a different format, reformat it (with Disk Utlity) as MacOS X Extended Journaled. An Aperture Library needs to be stored on a MacOS X Extended volume.




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    Yes, they are both indeed formatted the same. I have already copied 3 libraries just fine-but they are smaller. (between 65-167) This last one is quite a lot larger. I have verified permissions on the library and am trying again. (read several people talking about that) Last time it was well into the copy when it failed. So, I will repost the results this time. Added note-this is the second drive that has done this so not sure it is a drive issue. The other was a Firewire, also formatted the same. It eventually did copy, but let's say I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about that situation. :-)  Thanks, NJ

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    Last time it was well into the copy when it failed.


    Sometimes the library contains one single image with a corrupted, illegal filename (containing non-printable characters, like "linefeed"). If you open the partially copied library with "ctrl-click > Show package contents", you can check what the last successfully copied file is and try to figure out, what the file is called, that should be copied next. Is there something funny with the filename? Then try to rename that image in Aperture  (or export and reimport it with a new filename).

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    The size itself is not a problem.  I have done this with libraries exceeding one terrabyte.

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    I understnad what you are saying leonie as I have done that before, but there is actually no "partially" copied file. I am trying the copy again. If it happens again, I will see if I can detemine. But last time, there was no partial library.


    Thanks Ernie.

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    If you are comfortable with the terminal you might have better luck doing this from there. The Finder seems to have problems with Aperture libraries sometimes that the terminal doesn't.


    And as Ernie says this isn;t directly related to library size. The library as you know is composed of many sub-folders and files. Its not one monolithic thing. You could try breaking up the copy into smaller chucks. It would work fine as long as you get all the individual bits back in the correct relationship.

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    Thanks Frank. I am quite experienced with Macs (20+ years) but never really taught myself the terminal. The second copy failed, and it did not leave a "partial" in the folder.I am going to try to export the library as a new library. All this has me rethinking my entire workflow. I have another backed up version I can restore from as well-but for now, I would rather just leave that off-line and safe until I figure this out. Needless to say, having to do this with USB 2 devices is getting a little tedious. :-)