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I downloaded an embarasing erotic ibook and now it shows up on my kid's ipods, my wife's ipad.  I know you are thinking what an idiot and he deserves it, however now that I have been caught and shamed by my wife the joke is over.  Now I just want to get rid of the **** thing but no matter what I try it won't go away from the purchased section of ibooks.


Does anyone know of a way to delete a purchased book so it is gone forever?

Thank you,


iBooks, iTunes, iOS 6.1.2
Reply by sergiotcoelho on Jan 4, 2014 10:14 AM Helpful
Found a (slightly contorted) way around the iPad/iPhone/iPod problem (the hidden books not disappearing from the purchased list).  - First, follow Michael's advice above. - Then, just go to the iOS7 settings, goto iBooks settings, and switch off the "Show all purchases" option.- Go to iBooks, all purchases have disappeared. (to be sure, close the app altogether)- Go back to settings and switch on the "Show all purchases" option.- Go to iBooks, and the purchases show up again, but the hidden books have disappeared.

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