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I acquired a G5 after my FW800 MDD's power supply died.  I also want to go wireless with the G5 to my airport extreme base station.  The guy I bought the used G5 from wanted to sell me a little do-dad that looked like a USB antenna and card all in one that plugs into a USB port, cost about $25.  He implied it would solve my problem.--  Really? 


Details:  running 10.5.8 OS X on the G5, dual 2 Ghz June 2004 w/ 3 GB Ram.  Airport Base station is Extreme type running on 2nd floor, G5 is in the basement, big chimney in middle of the house may be a disrupter. 


Question #1:  So this little do-dad can take the place of both the T shaped antenna(need to buy) and the extreme airport card(also, need buy)?  Or is that thing targeted to newer G5's?


Question #2:  HARD Drive transfer.  It would be real handy if I could mount my old FW800's ATA hard drive in the SATA G5.  Any way to make this happen? or better solution so I can KEEP the old hard drive up and runnig with the G5?



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    I'd go with his dongle, but he will have all the software installed. Laptop and iPad have wifi & wire doesn't stick out of box.


    1. Ethernet Bridge

    2. Please note this requires mac os x 10.5 or greater to configure or windows xp to configure.
      Ethernet Bridge  "The versatile Wireless-G Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network."  from linksys example: =sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314563758&sr=8-1
      Once configured, you can use it on any ethernet port.


      Airport ExpressAirport Express is an external unit and you can configure it as a bridge.  802.11n ( I believe you will need a more modern version of Mac OS X to configure.  Sadly, Apple uses a configuration program to configure, not a web browser. )


    3. USB dongle


      The letters n/g/b correspond to the speed of the data transfer.  You should match the speed to your existing router. You best match on the highest speed. N is the highest. G is middle.  b is lowest.

    4. Newer Technology MAXPower 802.11n/g/b USB Adapter. New Technology has made these adapters for a while.
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    So this little do-dad can take the place of both the T shaped antenna(need to buy) and the extreme airport card(also, need buy)?


    It would be real handy if I could mount my old FW800's ATA hard drive in the SATA G5.  Any way to make this happen? or better solution

    Better Solution:

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    Thanks for the input.  I must not have been very clear.  I want to keep the ATA drive running and have it inside the G5 box.  Being idealistic, I know.  I just didn''t want to have stuff hanging outside the G5.  I figured there might be some simple adapter from the SATA connector inside the G5 to the ATA drive and a power feed source that I could patch in. . .


    I am aware there are external HDD power boxes etc. available. 

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    There are many IDE to SATA adapters:


    I suggested external (as better) because it seems a waste to put a slow IDE drive on one of the only two SATA ports of the G5.....

    Use one of the many available adapters to install it inside.

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    rccharles:     I just wanted to thank you again.  I bought the Newer Tech and am using it from my basement G5 right now.  In addition I bought a external antenna(Dr. Bott or something on eBay for another $20, used).  I am hoping with the external antenna (directed type, not omni) I should be more able to hook up with my MacBook on the deck this summer.  I really appreciate all your help!  Regards,   Brian

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    Hey thanks again japamac-san. You are a wizard my friend!


    This looks like a great solution.  Now that I have looked it over.. . I am wondering if there is even room for the 80 GB HDD inside the seemingly small SATA slots.  I have only one slot used up on the G5, so it appears the other one or two bays are "open" but it looks like a tight fit and one in which I probably need to buy a mechanical support for . . .?


    Thanks again!



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    I found that THIS ONE BELOW is actually the correct adapater to get, not the one you found. 


    Just the same, thanks for connecting me to OWC.  Cynthia there did a great job of explaining how to mount the bigger G4 drive using the special screws and she found the correct adapter : 

    FirmTek SeriTek/1SC1 adapter for IDE or ATA 40 Pin Hard Drives to SATA (Serial ATA)-

    use drives from your G4 inside your G5! Item Number: FTKSATA1SC1





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    Thanks for you kind comments.


    I heard about the directional antennas.


    Any evidence that it works?



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    I have not fully vetted it yet.  The real test will come when it gets warm enough to be on the deck this summer with my MacBook. 


    UPDATE:  April 5. . . The IDE / SATA adapter fit perfectly and I was able to insert the old ATA drive into the seemingly tight bay of the G5, but when I connected the electronics it prevented the G5 from re-starting.  If I pulled off only the data buss and left the power connector ON the drive, it would re-start.  I ended up sending back the adapter -- full refund.  They tested it and it tested out fine but for some odd reason MY G5 would not accept it.

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    see note above, this stlll did not work, had to return to supplier  OWC.  Brian

    this refers to two notes up!


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    You need to buy an Apple Airport card. Nothing else will work well.


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    thanks for the input. . . unfortunately I must have messed up in replying above. . . I confused things. 


    my note just above yours refers to the OWC  hard drive buss solution(original question #2) for adapting an IDE HDD to a G5's SATA buss system.  However, the USB dongle works fine allowing access to my Airport(Question #1) without the airport card.  Simple and cheap.  thanks just the same.

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    regarding the directional antenna:  I found that in a room near my deck(almost as remote) I was forced to pull the plug to get reliable connections.  SO, It appears I wasted my money on this directional gimmick.

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    I recieved the USB dongle linked above in the mail yesterday and I'm not having the same experience with mine as you seem to be having. It's all over the place in regard to performance. I'm using it on a G5 Quad which is about 15 feet from my Airport Extreme base station. The base station is the older .11g model, but it works fine with my early 2008 White Macbook.


    I've emptied caches, rebooted, unplugged/plugged in the adapter, used different browsers etc. I know this is old equipment, but 15 or 20 seconds for some web pages to load isn't right. I really want to love this thing so I don't have to fork over $80 or $90 for the used OEM card lol.


    I'm open to any suggestion. I might give Newertech a call tomorrow and enquire.




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