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    sorry, I am a rube in this area.  I can only report the results I see and can't suggest what may be wrong.  I think call them is a good move.  My Mac G5 is 2 floors down(bsmt) and the airport is about 24 ft away -- pt to pt.  I also have a 2008 white MacBook and am sitting about 30 ft and one floor down from it and it usually works fine with the Airport -- unlees I walk 10 more feet away onto the deck, outside.  Then, I usually have intermittent brownouts with signal connection to the airport.  I am not sure which version airport I have.

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    I re-read rccharles remarks again.  This may be important to you.  It appears you have to buy the right one or it may be "tunable" to the correct band:


    1. The letters n/g/b correspond to the speed of the data transfer.  You should match the speed to your existing router. You best match on the highest speed. N is the highest. G is middle.  b is lowest.
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    Hi, what signal strength is the Wifi Utility showing?


    Is this 10.4 or 10.5 you're running.

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    Hi. Thanks for the suggestions. The last couple of days I had it plugged directly into one of the USB ports on the back of the quad rather than using the cradle. The link status says Link Quality: 100% and Signal strength 1 and 2 hover between 89 and 94. I'm wondering if some of the appearant slowness was due to me being used to having it hardwired lol. I do know that on the first couple days I used it it seemed to hang for far too long.


    I had just re-installed my hard drive from scratch and I had forgotten to enter the OpenDNS addresses which I did last night and that made things better. I'm using 10.5.8. I am definately going to get a newer Airport Extreme base station since all of my equipment is wireless now.


    I think "it is what it is", but not being used to being completely wireless with older equipment kind of threw me off. Still if there's anything else I should look into to tweak things, let me know.


    Thanks again,



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    I was goung to suggest OpenDNS, glad you did that.


    In my experience the USSB dongles work far better than the built in Airport/Wifi cards, right now on my G5, te Newertech picks up 11 stations + plus my old Saucer AEBS, the Airport card sees only my AEBS, using the cradle & USB extension cables I can get even better reception.


    At home I even use a USB Wifi device because it has better range speed than the iMac's built-in 802.11n card.


    I've slit a hole in the side of a Swiss Miss can, inserted the dongle & can get even more distance, speed & directional control.


    Make a New Location, Using network locations in Mac OS X ...



    10.5.x/10.6.x/10.7.x instructions...


    System Preferences>Network, click on the little gear at the bottom next to the + & - icons, (unlock lock first if locked), choose Set Service Order.


    The interface that connects to the Internet should be dragged to the top of the list.

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    I added the location as you suggested. I had forgotten about that. With it being Friday night, my bandwidth is a third of what it is normally so everything crawls.


    The Swiss Miss can contraption sound interesting although there is only a couple of other wifi networks anywhere near close to me. I'm going to start actively looking for a newer AEBS now for sure. I'm going to give the cradle another go.


    Not having the ethernet cable running across the floor has been really nice as well not having my desk location set in stone.


    Thanks again foe the help and suggestions.

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    Yeah, day of week, hour of day can really afffect speed.


    On the Swiss Miss can, used to be a free Wifi at the city park about a half mile away USB dongle in SM can could pick that up, built in Airport/Wifi could'nt see that in a dream.


    Also 802.11b/g is Half duplex, 802.11n is full duplex but doesn't handle obstructions like walls & such nearly as well as b/g does.

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    I have another quick question. There is a greyed out DNS Server as well as a greyed out Search Domain ( Is it alright to leave them in there or should they be removed as well? I'll have to access the router software to do that abviously.


    Thanks again,



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    You can leave them, likely from your Router/Modem?


    But I like to add more DNS numbers myself.

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    Classic Mac OS

    Note:  To increase the 'size/range' of your wifi network, you could:



    -- range extenders.  These are wireless repeaters.

       They retransmit any wifi signal they see.  (somehow they work. )

    -- more routers. -- You will need to cable all routers together. 



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    Hello guys, OK, now I am a bit confused.

    What is this Open DNS deal you two are referring to?  I can't find anything about that in either the Wireless utility dialog or the Network prefs. . .


    I am wondering if I am missing out on something that may help mine go faster. thx.  Brian

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    This is the reference I used when I looked into it. It was definitely an improvement over my ISP's.





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    Try it, it's easy enough to change if it doesn't help.


    Tons of flack going on in u7nseen places here about using OpenDNS, but in my decade or so of using it & recommending it, I''ve seen no drawbacks, nor complaints... only a dozen or so where it made no difference.

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    Hey guys,  thanks.  I am now signed up for OpenDNS on one of my MacBook.  Will convert the iPad and others over today. . . this makes nothing but sense.  It is amazing what you can learn on the forums.  The internet is always amazing me, but having the wisdom and kindness of others available by simply sending out a few electrons tops it all!


    Thanks again and have a great day gentlemen.  Regards,  Brian

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    Great to hear, thanks Brian!

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