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sorry for the strange subject, but I have somewhat strange problem.


So, I did the move of the iTunes-library to an external disk, my Synology NAS and it worked fine. Everything I download ends up in the right place and I can access it from my MBP as "usual".


Then I have a Mini where I did the same routine as I did with the MBP and my library shows as it should in iTunes on it.

So far so good. But, when Im trying to access the library from my ATV2 it wont work from the Mini. It works just fine if I choose the MBP as server in Apple TV, but not if I choose the Mini.


I hope I make sense here... But I just cant se why my library wont sync through iTunes when accessing it from ATV, when it works just fine with the MBP..


Same network, same iTunes account, Home sharing is on and firewall is off.




Greatful for any help!



AppleTV 2, iOS 6.1.2