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How do you download  ichat? it wont let me download it.

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    Which version of the OS do you have ?


    iChat is "matched" to particular OS versions.


    Broadly an OS version has an iChat version.

    For example Leopard (OS X 10.5.x) has iChat 4.x.x

    Lion  (OS X 10.7) has iChat 6


    More specifically iChat gets it's updates in some of the OS Updates (not everyone)

    So by the time OS X 10.5 has got to 10.5.8  iChat has got to version 4.0.9


    iChat 4.x.x will only work in OS X 10.5.x  even then you  have to have the specific Updates to the OS and iChat together

    iChat 4.x.x cannot be used in Snow Leopard (Upgrade) or Tiger (Downgrade).


    Reinstalling involves the Install Disks and the correct COMBO Update od the OS version you are on to "Update" the reinstalled version to the OS level.

    Instructions for version 3.x.x through to iChat 5.x.x


    iChat 6 in Lion (OS X 10.7.x) requires you to use the Apple Recovery process.

    The same applies to Messages in OS X 10.8.x





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