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I recently installed a new SSD into my MBP with fresh install of Lion. I forgot to back up my contacts. Now I am syncing it with itune, it backs up, it shows my music but the Contacts are not syned with my Mac.  I have heard if I try to sync it, i will loose all my contacts?

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPod Classic 120 GB , Airport Extreme Base St
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    1) Make sure you have authorized your MBP since the hardware installation.


    2) You most likely have chosen to sync you contacts via iCloud (this is set up anytime you have updated your phone in the post-iCloud versions). You can find out if you have synced via iCloud by selecting "Info" in the iPhone section of iTunes while your iPhone is connected

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    let me rephrase the question


    1- I have my contacts on my iphone 5

    2- There is no back up of these contacts (icloud or mac)

    3- mac/itunes are new as i installed new SSD with fresh Lion

    4- I want to move/backup my contacts on the phone to the contacts application on the mac (like u used to have)



    I heard if I try to back up my contacts now, through itunes i will loose all my contacts on my iphone since backing up to a new itunes is one way process "from computer to iphone"


    Kindly let know

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    Read here. Follow steps 1 ~ 9:



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    This is confusing. 

    I have connected my iphone with my computer, everything synced music and apps but contacts!


    Apple tells me to use icloud backup. I am doing that!


    How about a Manual backup of iphone? would that work?

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    Yep, you're now confusing me...


    In your first two posts, the only mention of iCloud is that you don't use it. Now you say you are. You ask how to transfer the data on your phone to in essence a new computer...from the phone's view point. I give you detailed instructions on how to do that. Now your confused? Well, so am I, I have no idea what you're actually doing.

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    Not confused of your post but by Apple folks.


    So here is the total story:

    1- I replaced my SSD.  Moved my itunes library back on to my new SSD.

    2- Connected my iphone, it synced my music and apps but I was not able to see "contacts/address book" in Contacts/address book app on my mac.

    3- I did not make a back up of Address book (contacts) so I searched how to move contacts from iphone to New mac.

    4- And I got various answers.

    5- Finally came here

    6- Before I could read your post I spoke with APPLE and they told me to back it up using icloud and it will back your contacts. I asked if i will oose any? they said no.

    7- I am doing that right now.

    8- Your response matches a guys respnse on youtube where some folks lost their contacts.

    9- Do you know that if I can move contacts from icloud to address/contacts app on mac?

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    Harry909 wrote:

    9- Do you know that if I can move contacts from icloud to address/contacts app on mac?

    Sign into iCloud on your Mac and enable contact syncing.

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    APPLE sent me this;



    Now tell me I will be confused right?

    cause moving contacts from a phone to ur laptop is so complex that there are apps to do that, then APPLE solution is not right on their website!

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    You do one or the other, sync with iCloud, or with your Mac. You don't do both at the same time. If you want your contacts on your Mac...you should...turn off contacts, for iCloud, on your phone. You'll be prompted to keep on your phone or delete, select keep. You can then follow the part in my instructions about syncing contacts with your Mac.


    If your Mac supports iCloud, you can also turn on contacts there. Again, you do one or the other.

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    Josten- I was able to do it this way


    1- i first backed my iphone contacts " only" on icloud.

    2- Went into "Contacts" on my Mac, added icloud account. Iw as able to see them.

    3- With back up in place, i got out of the icloud (turned off contacts sync on icloud on iphone)

    4- Was prompted to "keep the contacts on this iphone" or "delete, i kept them

    5- Went into iTunes, Info tab, checked "sync contacts" and "calendars"

    6- Apply

    7- The synced with my Macs Contacts app.